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  • All Glories to Sriman Jaya Vijaya Prabhu

    Jaya Vijaya Prabhu had been serving as Temple President of the Brisbane ISKCON Temple for several years and was an appreciated member of the Australian National Management Council.  

  • ISKCON Brisbane Offers Srila Prabhupada 26 Cakes For 26 Qualities

    The main cake featured the name “Prabhupada” cut into individual letters. These were surrounded by twenty-six small cakes, each with one of his qualities artfully inscribed upon it.

  • Australia: Vandals Pay Night Visit to Brisbane Temple

    Australia’s national news agency, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has reported vandalism at the Brisbane Hare Krishna temple.  Visiting in the night, vandals spray painted walls and smashed a window. ISKCON News spoke to temple president, Jaya Vijaya Dasa, who said he doesn’t think the devotees are being targeted.