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  • Catholic Groups Launch Conversation about Female Deacons

    Their actions follow the appointment of a panel of experts set up by Pope Francis to consider the controversial question.

  • Hindu Catholic Relations Promoted at Washington, D.C. Event

    Most significantly for ISKCON members, Vatican Council II redefined how the Catholic Church sees and engages with the non-Catholic religious traditions. 

  • Pope Francis Prays In Turkey's Blue Mosque In Interfaith Outreach

    His head bowed, Pope Francis stood Saturday for two minutes of silent prayer facing east inside one of Istanbul's most important mosques.

  • 9 Days Historic Rama Katha in Rome

    Following the start of Morari Bapu’s historic Ram Katha in Rome, Bapu was invited to meet Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, the President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue .

  • The Life of Pope Francis in Cartoon

    In order to help Catholics around the world learn more about Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, CatholicLink have produced this fun video.

  • Pope's Marriage Recipe: 'Please, Thanks, Sorry'

    Francis joked that we all make mistakes: "The perfect family doesn't exist, nor the perfect husband nor wife. Let's not even talk about the perfect mother-in-law!"

  • UC Irvine Students Try 'Speedfaithing'

    Students have 10 minutes to discuss the essentials of Catholicism, Islam, the Mormon Church and even atheism.

  • Europe Remains Challenge for Church
    As Pope Benedict XVI prepares to relinquish his office, church leaders planning for a new pontiff are sure to deliberate over one of his longtime goals: replenishing Europe's deserted pews.
  • Sistine Chapel Choir And Westminster Abbey Choir Join For Special Mass At Vatican
    The Sistine Chapel Choir, whose boys and men sing for the pope at all his Masses, is about to get some illustrious company. It's the first time in its 500-plus year history that the pope's personal choir will sing as a single chorus with another choir, let alone one from the breakaway Anglican church.
  • New: IPhone Confession Application
    The program, "Confession: A Roman Catholic App," was developed as an aid "for those who frequent the sacrament and those who wish to return". Designed for use in confession preparation, and later in the confessional itself, the application offers an examination of conscience, step-by-step guide to the sacrament, act of contrition and other prayers.
  • Bishops Criticise Holding of Abortion Seminar
    The Catholic Bishops of Northern Ireland have criticised the holding of a conference dealing with abortion.
  • Belgium: Amid Sex Scandals, De-Baptism Gains Favor
    Faced with ever-more harrowing revelations of child sex abuse by Roman Catholic clergymen, Belgians are turning in record numbers to apostasy — formally breaking with their religion through a process of “de-baptism.”
  • The Pope visits Britain
    Last month, I was able to have a morning audience with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. As Vaishnavas we feel unity with the Pope and his mission, even as we recognize the divergence of theology and approach.
  • Shroud of Turin is Real Enough
    The Catholic Church's most famous (and infamous) holy relic is being exposed to the faithful for the first time since the year 2000.
  • Vatican Forgives The Beatles For 'Bigger Than Jesus' Comment
    The Catholic Church has offered the Fab Four its official seal of approval, forgiving them their various excesses and even lauding them as a “precious jewel.”
  • Catholic Church Receives Vaishnava Priest
    When Monsignor Rodolfo Villarreal received an honorary educational award at Christmas Day Mass in Monterrey Cathedral, Mexico, the congregation probably didn’t expect a Hare Krishna devotee to be presenting it.
  • Catholic Church Praises Film on Reincarnation

    What a pleasant surprise. For those who like their films visually appealing and literate, intelligent and delightful, this will be a most satisfying entertainment. It is G-rated though it is not a children's film. The screenplay is an imaginative expansion by Alan Sharp (Rob Roy) of a small novel written in 1936. The book is principally conversations between the narrator of the novel and the Anglican dean who comes to dinner to discuss reincarnation.

  • At 68, Grandfather Starts New Life as a Catholic Priest
    Buono, a retired therapist and public school principal, says he decided to become a priest because he wanted to exert his energy in a meaningful, spiritual way after his wife died. And while he liked dating, he did not want to remarry.
  • Diocese Builds Crematory as Cremation Acceptance Grows

    "This is what's happening today. This is the reality. It is the wave of the future," said Bishop Paul Bootkoski of the Metuchen Diocese, which is building the crematory. "We're going along with what our Catholic population is looking for."

  • Confused Confessors: Probe Discloses Clergy’s Diverging Views

    The major Italian weekly magazine L'espresso has published a piece of investigative journalism on how Catholic priests handle their confessions; the Vatican became enraged at the disclosures.