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  • 'King of Braj' - Krishna Reggae for Children’s Rights

    One of the shared passion of the members of the band 'King of Braj' is volunteering for ISKCON Hungary’s Food for Life program, and besides helping hands-on on the field, contributin to the cause through the power of art.

  • Indian Arts Summer Camp Delights U.S. Children

    Children in Potomac, Washington D.C. and Hillsborough, North Carolina, USA, have been in for a treat this summer with an Indian Arts Summer Camp that absorbs them in Vaishnava culture and is lots of fun at the same time. Second generation ISKCON devotee Gaurangi-Priya, 34, started the camp six years ago, and runs it with her mother, Kamalini Dasi.

  • New Children’s Book Hopes to Cause Animal Kindness Revolution
    A brand new children’s illustrated story book, written by Kosa Ely (Kosarupa Dasi) and illustrated by Anna Johansson (Annapurna Dasi) hopes to inspire a ‘gentle revolution’ of vegetarianism amongst readers with its sacred tale of kindness to animals.