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  • An Offering of Love: Recipes of Newfound Meaning

    She was in the prime of her youth when her world flipped upside down in an instant. Up until the year before, Jahnavi had been enjoying all of the thrills and fun that life could offer. Not worrying about the future, not taking the Krishna consciousness that her parents had given to her very seriously. But then it happened – the harsh pains of suffering that many of us have faced in this world hit her family like a storm.

  • Kitchen Religion Cookbooks Reveal Secrets of Quantity Cooking

    The first in the new “Kitchen Religion Series” of cookbooks, Rice: 65 Recipes From Around the World doesn’t just offer an astonishing amount of sumptuous ways to prepare that simplest of staple foods. It’s also the first ever ISKCON cookbook to focus on how to cook in large quantities, an extremely valuable resource for its target audience of ISKCON devotees.

  • A New Book by Torchlight: The Art of Indian Sweets
    Native to Jaipur, India, Krishna Priya dasi has prepared thousands of sweets for offering to Krishna. Sharing her experience and expertise, the author, a gifted and celebrated confectioner, shows us how to make 56 of her favorite traditional Indian sweets.