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  • Srila Vakreshvara Pandita– Mahaprabhu’s Dancer-in-chief

    Not only was Vakreśvara a very dear servant of Mahāprabhu but he also accompanied Him [Mahāprabhu] all the way to Jagannātha Purīafter He took sannyāsa to better serve him more faithfully.

  • "Shedding Skin" a Dance Film by Vrinda Sheth

    Music - MC Yogi: Dance & Choreography - Vrinda Sheth. Directed by Rasa Acharya Partin & Little Sky Film.

  • Odissi Dance Get Into Guinness Book of World Record

    In the biggest congregation of Odissi dancers, 555 dancers from across India and abroad matched steps to perform the complete five-phase repertoire of classical Odissi for 28 minutes for the feat on December 24. The dancers started with "Mangalacharan," followed by "Batu," "Pallavi," "Abhinay" and "Mokshya." The colourful show held at the Kalinga Stadium to flag off the week-long International Odissi Festival was organised by the Department of Culture in collaboration with a cultural associations.

  • Newton's Third Law of Karma: Maya -- Innovative Bharatnatyam

    An innovative presentation of the law of karma by the Bharatnatyam dance group Maya choreographed by Dakshina Vaidyanathan performed at  TEDxTughlaqRd.

  • Dancing God

    "I would only believe in a God that knows how to dance" - says Fredrick Nietszche. Maybe he was searching for Krishna, the enchanting flute-player who dances with the cowherd maidens in the moonlight. Maybe we all are.

  • The Ultimate Dance

    Engaging the body in graceful dance for the pleasure of the Lord, and the mind in prayerful contemplation on the sound of His holy names quickly transports our consciousness to the joyful realm of divine love.

  • Natya Nectar Takes a Spiritual Message to India’s Got Talent

    Second generation ISKCON devotee Goura Prema Riggan moved judges and an audience of 35 million on Season 4 of the talent show India’s Got Talent late last year, depicting Queen Draupadi’s surrender to Lord Krishna in one performance.

  • The Samadhi Contemporary Dance Company Performs `Saranagati'

    Courtesy of the Samadhi Dance Company.

  • Florida Dance Company Wows Polish Audiences
    The Bhakti Dance Seva ensemble, a traditional Bharat-Natyam dance troupe based in Florida and consisting entirely of American second generation devotee girls, is doing its first tour of Poland this summer to appreciative crowds.
  • Dance Your Way To A Perfect Body
    Anyone looking for a get-rich-quick opportunity could do a lot worse than devising a new slimming scheme. It’s a boom industry these days. The latest sure fire method of shedding those unwanted pounds is Zumba dancing, the hot new craze from Brazil. Like any endeavour we undertake, it is about finding happiness.
  • The Dancing God
    Frederick Nietzsche is famous for his audacious proclamation “God is Dead”. Interestingly, the German philosopher did say something further, albeit in jest. Walter Kaufman translates Nietzsche’s quip - “I should believe only in a God who understood how to dance.”
  • Manipur Dance Festival Entertains, Inspires, and Educates
    Devotees organized the first International Indian Classical Dance Festival, “Indiclad,” at ISKCON’s Sri Sri Radha Krishnachandra “Manimandir” in Imphal, Manipur, this February.
  • ISKCON Manipur to Host International Dance Festival
    Artistic event targets the youth of the East Indian state.
  • Oriya Vaishnava Dance Troupe Holds India Spellbound
    BHUBANESWAR: The all-conquering members of the Oriya dance troupe 'Prince' -- comprising daily wage earners -- may now justly expect a reception fit for kings. Since the moment Bollywood star Rani Mukherjee announced that the dancers from far-flung Ganjam district in Orissa were the winners of the TV reality show, "India's Got Talent", everybody and his brother in the state is doing a jig.