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Articles tagged as Development

  • GBC Organizational Development Committee - Service Opportunities

    The GBC Organizational Development Committee is a standing committee of ISKCON’s GBC. It strives to provide proper organizational structure designed to create global alignment and ensure devotional standards and ethos throughout the society.

  • Enemies of Growth

    Observing my own life, it seems there are key enemies which stagnate our growth and development. We slide into mediocrity and averageness when we are too busy, too arrogant or too comfortable to really invest in our life.

  • A New Book: The Nectar of Congregational Preaching

    The Nectar of Congregational Preaching is an inspirational overview of the development of Krishna consciousness among the congregational members of ISKCON.

  • Congregational Preaching in ISKCON

    It is our duty as ISKCON leaders to guide those who are earnestly involved in accepting and propagating Krishna consciousness and engage them according to their talents and the needs of the movement.