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Articles tagged as Difficulty

  • Vaisnavism Disrupted - It Happened Already; Won't It Happen Again?

    The discomfort ISKCON faces due to the pandemic - individual and community-wise - is hardly comparable to the oppressions and torments of the past.

  • Don't Hike Alone

    "Who is going to come looking for you when you get into a tough spot? Who has permission to ask you questions about your moral boundaries? Who in your life has permission to tell you that it’s time to take a break before you crash?"

  • How To Deal With Setbacks

    When something upsets us, we can remind ourselves: “Yes, this is the material world, and this is bound to happen. When a stone drops into water, it will get wet. When a soul drops into the material world, it will experience miseries."

  • Acid Test

    Periodically, we'll all be confronted with situations where people are oblivious to our sacrifices, unappreciative of our endeavours, and seemingly unimpressed with our contributions. People may even misunderstand our purpose and cuttingly criticise us.