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  • High Tunnels Grow Vegetables and Flowers for New Vrindaban Deities into Winter Months

    In West Virginia, the first frost can hit in Fall and the last in late Spring, halting the growing season all the way from October to May. But devotees in New Vrindaban, ISKCON’s first farm community have just introduced three high tunnel greenhouses, allowing them to offer locally grown flowers and vegetables to Sri Sri Radha Vrindabanchandra and the temple kitchens all year round.  

  • Farm Conference Celebrates 50 Years of Cow Protection in ISKCON

    The conference ran from October 4th to 6th in New Vrindaban, West Virginia, where ISKCON’s first cow protection program started in Spring 1969 with a black Jersey, “Kaliya,” named by Srila Prabhupada himself.

  • Young ISKCON Activists Take Part in Global Climate Strike

    Over four million people around the globe walked out of their schools and workplaces on Friday September 20th to demand an end to the age of fossil fuels. The protests were organized by young people led by 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg. The campaign has seen students walk out of their schools on Fridays to demand their political leaders take urgent action to address climate change.

  • 8,000 Learn About Simple Living, High Thinking at Krishna Valley Fair

    “Krishna Valley is not just for us to realize Srila Prabhupada’s vision of simple living, high thinking, but to show others that it’s accessible, and teach them how they can also live naturally while keeping God in the center, ” says Communications director Gandharvika Prema Dasi.

  • New Vrajadhama to Host 10th Anniversary of ISKCON Farm Conference

    New Vraja Dhama is perfect for the main event – devotees on the 660-acre farm have had decades of experience and grow their own vegetables, fruits, and grains. They also care for cows and have their own waste water treatment system and solar panels that cover a large portion of their electricity needs.

  • The Ecology of Our Minds

    Like many people my age I live in front of books and computer screens. However, my religion has instilled in me important values regarding the earth.

  • New Book About Spiritual Response to the Ecological Crisis

    A collection of essays from public figures identifying the spiritual roots of our global ecological crisis and the response needed for a sustainable future.

  • The Yoga of Ecology: Simple Living, High Thinking
    In the late 1960s, when the acclaimed Vedic scholar/teacher A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada brought the timeless tradition of bhakti-yoga to the Western world, his vision of spiritual renewal for a society caught up in the throes of tremendous upheaval included a bold yet elementary cure.
  • 3rd Vedic Ecology Convention, Durban, South Africa
    The 3rd Vedic Ecology Convention organized by the ISKCON Vaishnava Research Forum (I-VRF) was held at the Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple of Understanding, in Chatsworth, south of Durban, on Sunday 22nd April 2012.
  • Radhanath Swami Inaugurates Maharastra Eco-village
    The Govardhan Eco-village has been built for the modern lifestyle needs of both individuals and corporate groups. It hopes to serve as a model of how spirituality can integrate the needs of a modern society with traditional answers.
  • The Bhakti Way of Investing in the Ecology of the Heart
    A crippled economy and a polluted environment plague our social body. Both largely stem from the same core disease -- pollution of hearts. Blinded by distractions one can forget how to invest in what awards a meaningful, fulfilling life.
  • ISKCON`s Global Village Initiative Committee Meets In Mumbai
    ISKCON`s Global Village Initiative Committee (GVIC) met for the second time after it's inception last year. The committee was fored under the ausipices of GBC as part of strategic planning initiative.
  • Pillars of Sustainability: Conference in Krishna-valley, Hungary
    From October 9th to 16th, sponsored by the European Union, the ISKCON associated Eco Valley Foundation of Hungary held a week long seminar called Pillars of Sustainability, at New Vraja Dhama, the Hare Krishna farm community in the South-Western part of the country.
  • ISKCON Farmers Leave European Conference with New Ideas, Inspiration

    Thirty devotees from ISKCON farms all over Europe attended the fourth annual ISKCON European Farm Conference from May 10th through 12th this year, hoping to gain inspiration as well as practical advice for their various rural projects.

  • Of Wildfires, Mudslides and Good Government
    In the Vedic model, good government is never solely at the mercy of either natural or man-made crisis. Recognizing that we live in a less than perfect world, good government takes a proactive role in planning the protection of its citizens.
  • Krishna Valley Teaches Sustainable Living to Thousands
    Established in 1993 by ISKCON guru and GBC Sivarama Swami, Krishna Valley is a sustainable farm community of the kind that ISKCON founder Srila Prabhupada encouraged devotees to establish all over the world.
  • Eco-Certification Proposed for ISKCON Temples in India
    Spiritual teacher Bhakti Rasamrita Swami is heading up a new effort to introduce an internal system of eco-friendly certification for ISKCON temples in India.
  • Growing Grain for Feed Humanity's Greatest Evil
    Hundreds of millions of people are going hungry every day all over the world because much of the arable land now is being used to grow feed grain for animals rather than food grain for people.
  • Food, Faith and Farming

    What role does religion and spirituality play in shaping a socially just and sustainable food system? Join us for a fast moving workshop which examines the link between ethics and natural living. Our panel includes experts in the fields of academia, organic agriculture, animal husbandry, children’s education and community development.