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  • Govardana Academy Students Win Prize in Sustainability Contest

    Govardhana Academy, located at the Saranagati Farm Community in British Columbia (BC), Canada, recently participated in their third year of the BC Green Games - a province wide competition to promote sustainability in schools. One of the biggest challenges of farming at Saranagati is their short growing season. With a self-heated greenhouse, they intend to grow food year-round. Using money from a previous grant award, the materials were purchased and the students and their community teamed up to bring the design to reality.

  • What's Possible: The U.N. Climate Summit Film

    Presented to world leaders at the United Nations Climate Summit in New York, this short inspirational film shows that climate change is solvable. We have the technology to harness nature sustainably for a clean, prosperous energy future, but only if we act now. Narrated by Morgan Freeman, it calls on the people of the world to insist leaders get on the path of a livable climate and future for humankind.

  • Top 10 ways to Boost Energy Throughout the Day (Without Resorting to Caffeine or Sugar)

     We seem to be suffering from an extreme energy crisis in the West, namely, day-to-day chronic fatigue. 

  • Electricity Used in Ancient Pyramids?

    A short documentary about the probable usage of wireless electricity in the ancient pyramids of Egypt -- and the similarities in this ancient technology with that of the 20th century inventer Nicola Tesla.

  • Humans Vs. The Environment - A Thought Experiment
    Protecting the environment isn't a "liberal" idea; it's everybody's business. Liberal or conservative, the environment provides life support for us all, and if we fail to recognize that, we are truly doomed as a civilization.
  • Europe Finds Clean Energy in Trash, but U.S. Lags
    New plants that convert local trash into heat and electricity have become both the mainstay of garbage disposal and a crucial fuel source across Denmark.
  • Dogs Use More Energy Than Cars, Authors Claim

    THEY'RE faithful, friendly and furry - but under their harmless, fluffy exteriors, dogs and cats, the world's most popular house pets, use up more energy resources in a year than driving a car, a new book says. In their book Time to Eat the Dog: The Real Guide to Sustainable Living, New Zealand-based architects Robert and Brenda Vale say keeping a medium-sized dog has the same ecological impact as driving 10,000km a year in a 4.6 litre Land Cruiser.

  • Solar Thermal Power May Make Sun-Powered Grid a Reality

    Planted in the New Mexico desert near Albuquerque, the six solar dish engines of the Solar Thermal Test Facility at Sandia National Laboratories look a bit like giant, highly reflective satellite dishes. Each one is a mosaic of 82 mirrors that fit together to form a 38-ft-wide parabola. The mirrors’ precise curvature focuses light onto a 7-in. area. At its most intense spot, the heat is equivalent to a blistering 13,000 suns, producing a flux 13 times greater than the space shuttle experiences during re-entry. “That’ll melt almost anything known to man,” says Sandia engineer Chuck Andraka. “It’s incredibly hot.”

  • Vatican OKs Nuclear Energy

    The Vatican criticised countries such as Italy which have abandoned nuclear power, saying atomic energy is only evil when used to make weapons.