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  • St. Louis: Rain or Shine, Lord Jagannath Gets His Festival

    As soon as it was time to pull the cart in St. Lous, Missouri, it started pouring.  Even though the organizers started to worry that the crowd would be scarce, the park started to quickly fill up with people of all ages, races, and all religions, eager to experience this age-old Indian cultural event.

  • Celebrating the Spirit of Togetherness - The 30thDurban Festival of Chariots

    Prince Mangusutho Buthelezi (leader of the Inkhata Freedom Party and Prime Minister of the Zulu Nation) visited the festival on Saturday, 31 March. Prince Buthelezi who will turn 90 years old in August this year is currently the most senior statesman in the government cabinet.

  • Durban Festival of Chariots Celebrates Its 30th Year

    The Festival of Chariots in the South African city Durban celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The four-day festival will be held between Friday March 30th and April 2nd. The entertainment is geared to show unity through diversity.

  • Panama Rathayatra A Big Draw For Locals

    While some ISKCON Rathayatras attract mostly an internal devotee audience, 90% of the crowd at the recent 18th “Festival de la India” in Panama were local Panamanians.

  • Festival of Chariots, Durban 2013

    Just some small pieces of the beautiful event of social cohesion that took place on the Durban beachfront celebrating 25 years of the Festival of Chariots, with the motto: "We are culturally many, but spiritually one!" A video by Shruti Sheth

  • Lord of The Universe And His Day Out

    In today’s  ‘motor car civilization’, one of the most profound thing to ask would be, ‘who owns the world’s biggest and the most exotic car?’ To get an answer to this question, you would have to go to the Eastern part of India, to Jagannath Puri.

  • Nairobi Celebrates Three Decades of Ratha Yatra

    The much-awaited festival of chariots finally, after one year of absence, glided through the streets of the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi, with all glamour and grandeur. Hundreds of wanainchi (members of the public) came out on the streets to watch this colorful festival and the grand cart carrying the Lord of the Universe.

  • Durban's Festival of Chariots Draws 200,000
    Organizers say the colourful Festival of Chariots on Durban's North Beach over the long weekend drew around 200,000 people to the promenade this weekend. ISKCON's Govinda Swami has told Newswatch the diversity of the crowd was inspiring.
  • Durban Ratha-Yatra – Making ISKCON Relevant
    How many of us wonder why, in spite of vigorous book distribution and innovative outreach we still appear irrelevant in society? What does it mean to be relevant? Have we generally consigned ourselves to just being isolated spiritual people with near impossible Vedic world objectives? Perhaps the Durban festival holds some clues.