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Articles tagged as Friendship

  • Who Are Your Friends?

    A popular proverb is “Show Me Your Friends and I will Show You Your Future.” The people with whom we associate plays an important role in shaping our thoughts and our life.

  • Men to Explore Confidence, Friendship and Values at MAN-tra Retreat

    Over 135 men from the UK, Canada and the United States are expected to to attend this second annual retreat, which will continue to explore the theme of “being a K.C. guy in the 21stcentury.” Ages will range from 18 up and include multiple generations – last year, grandfathers, fathers, and sons were all present.

  • No, No, They Can't Take That Away from Me

    The drama was all over within 48 hours. Police visits; learning that they’d broken into five other houses the same night; clearing up the mess and discovering much they’d left behind, and a few things lost. I thought about what treasures can never be lost – though the externals of a situation may be shocking or distressing.

  • Friendly Fire

    Admittedly, although we desire these friendly connections with everyone around us, it just doesn’t seem to work out in real life. Fighting and friction seem an integral part of social intercourse. 

  • Social Media Is No Substitute for Spiritual Media

    Connection with God is not just a matter of getting updated about events – it is essentially about getting upgraded in our consciousness.

  • The Innovation of Loneliness

    What is the connection between social networks and being lonely? Quoting the words of Sherry Turkle from her TED talk - Connected, But Alone.

  • Down To Earth
    Why would 'material' relationships seem more intimate and close than friendships amongst spiritualists? Surely spiritualists should be the best at connecting with others in a deep way.
  • Soul Mates
    Spiritual friends are like a mirror helping us to see what we are really like. Instead of being scared and disappointed by what we see, we should feel empowered to know where we need to improve and how we can advance on our spiritual journey.
  • What Price for Friendship? For Some Pet Owners, There‚Äôs No Limit

    In the USA, spending on veterinary care is expected to reach US$9.8 billion in 2007, up from US$7.2 billion five years ago, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.