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  • ISKCON Reaches Out to Muslim Community

    A recent Pew Research Center survey found that Muslims in the United States currently face the most discrimination of any group, with unlawful profiling, exclusionary immigration policies and hate crimes on the rise. In this environment some ISKCON members are reaching out to their brothers and sisters in the Muslim community.

  • ISKCON Europe Communications Seminar, Radhadesh, Belgium

    It was the first time Anti-Cult members have visited an ISKCON temple and did a presentation. It was held during Radhadesh’s hosting of the ISKCON Europe Communications conference. ISKCON is no stranger to the organisation. Over the years Anuttama Das, ISKCON Global Communications Director, has built a relationship with the organisation by attending conferences and speaking openly about ISKCON’s issues.

  • Store Opens Up New Avenue of Outreach – “the temple on the web” – has discovered an unexpected but surprisingly effective way of introducing spiritual seekers to Krishna consciousness – through its online store., launched in 1996 as the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust’s official website and staffed almost entirely by second generation devotees, has two distinct sections.

  • Cultic Organizations See ISKCON in “New Light”: Barcelona Spain International Conference

    More than 300 religious practitioners and representatives of cultic study organizations, including academics and ex-members, took part in a three-day conference entitled the “2011 International Conference: Psychological Manipulation, Cultic Groups, Social Addictions and Harm”(ICSA) in Barcelona Spain, July 7-9.