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  • ISKCON News Wishes You a Happy Janmashtami

    We here at ISKCON News, wish you a very healthy and happy Janmashtami. May the Lord shower you with His blessings. 


  • ISKCON News' Summer Internship Program |June - August 2021 | Registration Open

    Registration open for Summer Internship Program this June-August, 2021. APPLY NOW:

  • Longtime ISKCON News Editor Krishna-lila Dasi Moves on to New Role After A Decade of Service

    After over a decade of dedicated service, Krishna-lila Dasi is moving on from her position as managing editor of ISKCON News. An award-winnning professional filmmaker, she will continue to work with ISKCON News as a freelance contributor of short films, an exciting new development for the website.

  • Former IN Editor Graduates From Law School as Valedictorian

    On May 23rd, former ISKCON News editor Navina Shyam Das graduated summa cum laude from law school at the prestigious Temple University, Philadelphia and was honored as Valedictorian.

  • Superstorm Sandy Power Outages Affect ISKCON News

    Don't worry, all our staff are safe! But some have been affected by Hurricane Sandy-caused power outages, resulting in reduced content on ISKCON News this week.

  • ISKCON News Wishes Happy Janmasthami to All Its Readers!

    The Madhurastakam is a beautiful song on Krishna's sweetness composed by Sri Vallabhacharya. Its sweetness is more intensified when it is presented here in the transcendental voice of Bhakti Charu Swami.

    May the sweet-faced Lord bless you all!

  • Little Lila: A New Addition to the ISKCON News Family
    Lilavati was born in Hungary on Monday September 13th, at 9:13pm, only three hours before her Daddy’s birthday.
  • No Comment? Not Anymore ...

    Readers, start your keyboards. ISKCON News Weekly is now enabling user comments on our Opinion pieces. The decision to allow reader comments – which will not be edited but will be monitored – is a marked but intentional departure from INW’s earlier editorial policy, and represents a new phase for our website.

  • Bhakti Tirtha Swami

    As you may have noticed, ISKCON News is going weekly! Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we’ll be providing you with any less news from the world of ISKCON… It just means you’ll be getting it all at once. No need to log on 3 or 4 times a week to see if there are any new stories – now you’ll know what to expect and when to expect it.

  • ISKCON News Revamps for Janmastami

    Janmastami Day, 2007-ISKCON News (, which had its soft-launch last spring, has revamped itself on Janmastami Day, and now wants to be your source of news. Guided by an editorial board that includes past and present Communication Ministers Mukunda Goswami and Anuttama dasa, respectively, the website is edited by Australia-based Ekendra dasa, with contributors world-wide.

  • Why Another News Site?
    I would like to know who is the intended audience of this site. What is its focus or style?
    - Kaunteya Dasa
    ISKCON Congregational Development
    Mayapura, West Bengal, India