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  • Couple Creates Unique Sound Path for Italy’s Museum of Sacred Art

    The installation was created by Madhava and Margherita at their Grotta Sonora, or “The Sounding Cave.” Consisting of unique handmade gongs and other instruments, called “sound sculptures,” the sound path makes tours of MOSA an auditory as well as a visual experience.

  • Several ISKCON Temples Begin to Reopen with Restrictions

    After months under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some ISKCON temples around the world are gradually starting to reopen in phases, with safety restrictions in place according to their local government recommendations. 

  • All ISKCON Temples in Italy Closed Down Due to Coronavirus

    In Italy, the worst hit country in Europe, neither the general public nor devotees can visit the temple because all places of worship – churches, mosques, temples – have been closed down, and everyone has been quarantined in their homes.

  • New ISKCON Temple to Open On Outskirts of Rome

    A new ISKCON temple is set to open in the historic town of Velletri in the Castelli Romani hills, Italy, about an hour south of Rome city center.

  • Villa Vrindavana Yoga Center Provides Authenticity and Variety

    Villa Vrindavana Yoga Center is providing yoga enthusiasts an authentic experience in a spiritual community, as well as a non-judgemental, pressure-free zone where they can decide how deep they want to dive.

  • Devotees in Piacenza, Italy Meet Prefect to Promote Interfaith Dialogue

    This January, Prefect Maurizio Falco and Deputy Mayor Elena Baio of the Italian city of Piacenza received representatives from the main religions in the area, including ISKCON devotees Raghunath Das (Renato Dacarro) and Pritha Dasi (Paola Rossi).

  • Hare Krishna! Films Opens in 20 Cities in Italy

    It all started when Mukundananda  Das from Rome expressed keen interest in bringing the movie to Italy and he got encouraged to find a distributor. 

  • Radhadesh Team Attends Child Protection Training in Italy

    There were about 15 attendees participating from Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland and Belgium. 

  • Devotees Distribute Prasadam at Mosque During Ramadan in Florence, Italy

    “I have a long-standing friendship with Imam Izzeddin Elzir, Parabhakti dasa says, and when this year he invited us to participate in their prayer I thought it was a special occasion, during it something special have to be done."

  • Parabhakti Das Discusses Authentic Yoga at European Academy of Religion

    Parabhakti Das, President of ISKCON’s Villa Vrindavana community near Florence, Italy, presented at a panel discussion on preserving authenticity in yoga during the European Academy of Religion’s annual conference this spring.

  • 800 Kg Bhagavad-gita Set to be Largest Sacred Text in the World

    The giant book is funded by ISKCON Italy through donations and designed by the Mediterranean branch of the BBT, which claims it will be the largest sacred text in the world. 

  • Nimai Pandit Das, Pioneer of the Italian Yatra, Passes Away

    Although he had serious health problems for many years, he never complained or even talked about his struggle with disease; nor did he give up.

  • ISKCON Communications Conference in Italy

    Last week, ISKCON Communications European (ICE) leaders and representatives from 17 Countries gathered in Prabhupada Desh just outside of Venice, Italy, to discuss and share their thoughts on some pressing issues such as women's position in ISKCON, veganism, social media and other topics. 

  • ISKCON Turin, Italy, Opens New Center

    On the 5th of November ISKCON Turin, Italy, celebrated the opening of a new Temple situated near the city’s downtown.

  • ISKCON Italy Participates at a Conference in Parliament

    ISKCON Italy’s Narada Muni Das (Fabio Pianigiani) participated at a conference held in the Italian Parliamanet celebrating the bi-centennary of Baha’u’llah.

  • Religious Freedom in Danger in Russia: A Cause for Concern in Europe

    A seminar, held on September 26th, 2017, in Italy’s House of Parliament, at the Sala del Refettorio, and organized in co-operation with MP Lacquaniti, has discussed the problems of religious freedom in Russia, a cause of serious concern in Europe.

  • Life in Villa Vrindavan, Italy

    This is a film about the Hare Krishna community in Villa Vrindavana near Florence in Italy. It shows the different aspects of the project and we hear from some of the residents. A video by Vrisabhanu Das.

  • 2nd Anniversary of ISKCON Torino, Italy

    Torino Iskcon Cultural Center has celebrated the 2nd Anniversary. A video by Citra Karuni devi dasi.

  • Municipality Supports Food For Life Feeding Homeless in Turin, Italy

    The local municipality in Turin, one of the largest cities in Italy, is financially supporting ISKCON’s local Food For Life effort. Devotees feed 100 homeless people at two shelters every Monday. And local public, moved by the devotees' effort, are streaming in to volunteer.

  • Italian Deity Worship Academy Launches Successfully

    Mayapur Academy's new Italian branch allows devotees in the Western World and particularly Europe to learn the knowledge, skills and values they need to serve as pujaris in ISKCON without traveling all the way to Mayapur in India. Units include astrology Tulasi care and worship, jewelry making, cooking, festivals, yajnas, turban making, and flower decorations.

  • Villa Vrindavan, Italy

    A film by Vrisahbhanu Das.

  • Mayapur Academy Opens Regional Deity Worship School in Villa Vrindavana

    For the past ten years, the Mayapur Academy – run by the ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry – has offered devotees a four-month intensive training course that equips them with all the knowledge, skills and values they need to serve as pujaris in ISKCON. Many successful graduates have come away from the course with diplomas in archana. But it’s not always easy for devotees to travel so far and be away from their services or homes for four months.

  • Italian Parliament Celebrates ISKCON 50th

    On October 4th, in Rome, Italy, an extraordinary event took place at the House of Representatives of the Italian Parliament. The opportunity for ISKCON to acquire national visibility in such an important setting is a huge step towards to finally officially recieve the status of a "religious movement" from the Italian government along with the rights to maintain chaplancies in hospitals and schools, to be exempt from some taxes, and to receive tax donations. 

  • Italian Parliament to Host ISKCON 50 Conference

    “Last year, this was just a dream of mine, but I was confident that Krishna would help me find a way to do something relevant for this historical anniversary,” says Villa Vrindavana President Parabhakti Das. “Sure enough, my dear friend Narada Muni Prabhu, a famous musician who is well acquainted with many influential people, came along and offered his help and that opened the doors to the Parliament.”

  • The Villa Vrindavan (Italy) Experience
  • Italy Launches ISKCON 50 Celebrations in Rome

    Italy’s ISKCON 50th anniversary celebrations commenced on November 25th, 2015 with the planting of a sacred Banyan tree in Piazza Vittorio in Rome. 

  • Fighting Ignorance Through Friendship

    November 2015 will be a month remembered in worry and fear for Muslims all over Europe, after the Paris attacks, yet again marked the tensions their religious community faces in Europe and the rest of the world. Just a week before the attacks, from Oct. 26 – Nov 2nd, youth from all over Europe were building a network of peace and connection at the Religions for Peace Interfaith Youth Conference, in San Gandolfo Italy. 

  • What are Three Hare Krishna Doing at the Vatican?

    By Rome Reports.

  • Museum of Sacred Art to Open in Villa Vrindavana, Italy

    After several internal events celebrating its progress so far, the Museum of Sacred Art (MOSA) is set to officially open in Villa Vrindavana, Italy, at the end of this month. The museum is MOSA’s second branch, with the first running in Radhadesh, Belgium since 2009 and currently attracting around 12,000 visitors a year.

  • Fabrizio Mastroianni Choir Sings Brahma Samhita

    An angellic-looking choir, trained by the famous Italian Gregorian chanter, Fabrizio Mastroianni, sing Gregorian, Hebrew and Sanskrit (Govindam Adi Purusham) chants at the opening ceremony of the Bhaktivedanta Institute's international conference, Life And Its Origin, at the Protomoteca Hall, Rome. November 12th 2004.

  • ISKCON Devotees Attend Rome Environmental Convergence

    Young religious environmental leaders from around the world, including four ISKCON devotees, attended an environmental “convergence” and march in Rome at the end of June. The event was put on by Our Voices, a New Jersey based international organization created to encourage religious communities to put pressure on political leaders for the upcoming 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.

  • Holi Festival in Villa Vrindavana, Italy

    Villa Vrindavana, Florence, Italy.

  • Radhanath Swami at a Conference in Torino, Italy

    A conference with Radhanath in Torino, Italy. A video by Inci Mutlu Milano.

  • ISKCON Organizes First Diwali at Rome City Hall

    Devotees headed by ISKCON Communications director for Italy Parabhakti Das organized and participated in the Diwali celebrations at Rome’s City Hall on October 23rd, with positive results. “If Brussels is the diplomatic capital of Europe, Rome is its capital from the religious and cultural point of view,” Parabhakti says. “So it is important that our movement is well represented and clearly visible in this world-famous city.”

  • New Ceiling Painting Wows at Italy’s Villaggio Hare Krishna

    Seventeen hundred people flooded into ISKCON Italy’s Villaggio Hare Krishna on the outskirts of Milan to celebrate Krishna’s birthday, and to catch their first glimpse of the stunning new painted ceiling of the community’s Radha-Ramana temple. The one-hundred square meter (1,076 sq ft) oil painting is divided into two distinct sections, one depicting Sri Chaitanya’s pastimes, the other Lord Krishna’s.  

  • ISKCON Devotees Present Vaishnava Culture at Italian Schools

    There is a growing interest today in learning about different cultures and ways of life. In schools, in the workplace and in society in general, more and more people are sharing their traditions and different aspects of spirituality with each other. This year, two primary schools in Tavazzano and Sordio, in the province of Lodi, Italy, presented the culture of India.

  • Bhakti Festival Draws Yoga Practioners to Italy’s Villa Vrindavana

    On the weekend of Friday June 6th to Sunday June 8th, around 500 yoga practioners from Tuscany and beyond attended a yoga festival with a difference: the third annual Bhakti Festival at Villa Vrindavana,  Italy. The festival was established in 2012 by ISKCON Villa Vrindavana and Yogendra, leader of the Samadhi yoga school in Florence

  • First Ever Rome Rathayatra Opens the Door for More

    Since the first Italian Rathayatra in Viareggio, Tuscany in 1981, the ancient parade festival has been celebrated at least once a year in cities such as Florence, Milan, and Verona. But there hasn’t been a Rathayatra in Italy’s renowned capital, Rome, until this May. Spurring devotees on was the fact that May 2014 was the 40th anniversary of Srila Prabhupada’s visit in 1974 to Rome, where he stayed for one week.

  • Glimpses into the First Ever Rome Ratha Yatra Festival

    Italian devotees danced for joy down the streets of Rome, looking up at Lord Jagannath’s colorful chariot as they celebrated the first ever Rathayatra festival in their capital on May 31st, 2104.

  • Sister Cristina Wins 'The Voice' Italy -- Singing Nun Immediately Thanks God

    Wearing the traditional habit and crucifix which has been her signature look on the show, the Sicilian nun immediately thanked God

  • A Singing Nun for a Reality TV World

    A young women becomes a nun. She travels to Brazil to work with poor children and then returns to Italy to live quietly in a convent in Milan. Now she is the star of Italy’s version of the TV show “The Voice.”

  • Fun: A 25-old Italian Nun Amazes the Judges on Talent Show

    25-year-old Italian nun wowed the judges of Italy’s version of “The Voice” with an Alicia Keys song. According to HuffPo: “If I had found you at Mass I would always be in church,” said J-Ax, an Italian rapper who is one of the judges. “You and me are like the devil and holy water.”

  • Ramayana Collection to Open at Villa Vrindavan Museum

    On Friday July 11th, the second floor of the Museum of Spiritual Art (MOSA) in Villa Vrindavana, Italy will be completed and receive an internal opening ceremony attended by devotees. The museum is the second branch of MOSA in ISKCON, modeled after the original in Radhadesh, Belgium. It is located in the most historic part of Villa Vrindavana’s Villa, dating back to the 16th century.

  • Pandava Sena's Retreat 2013

    Senagetaway presents The Kirtan Experience 2013. A trip to Florence, Italy for over 150 students. Here's a teaser video. 
    For info visit

  • Museum of Sacred Art - Villa Vrindavana, Italy

    In 2013, a new Sacred Art Museum opened in Villa Vrindavana, Tuscany, Italy.

  • The Pandava Sena Group's Visit to Villa Vrindavana, Italy

    Music by Hanumen.

  • ISKCON Italy Joins Official Government Interfaith Council in Florence

    This January, ISKCON Italy was made a member of the Florence Council for Religious Dialogue, an official government entity. This is a major development for ISKCON, which has been working with non-government interfaith groups since 2005 and has held many interfaith conferences and events at the Villa Vrindavana community.

  • A Spectacular “Museum of Spiritual Art” Opens in Florence

    The first phase of the Villa Vrindavana museum which just opened, fills five large rooms with twenty grand sized paintings of India’s classic literature, the Mahabharata. The paintings reveal in vibrant colors the drama, emotion, intrigue, and divine purposes of the Mahabharata and its epic battle between the forces of good and evil. 

  • “Meeting God”: Interfaith Convention in Italy
    "Meeting God." Ambitious, maybe even scary title for an interfaith meeting, as this topic can lead to sophisticated philosophical debates, over-opinionated, heated position statements, or even to direct oppositions to one another among representatives of the different religious groups.
  • "Keep Your Faith Alive" Party in Italy's Villa Vrindavan

    For the 4th time in a row, Italy's Villa Vrindavana will host the "Sravana Kirtanam - Keep Your Faith Alive by Hearing and Singing" festival on 6th and the 7th of July, 2013.

  • Villa Vrindavana to Celebrate 30th Anniversary of Deity Installation
    “The idea is to have spirituality, culture, agriculture, and ecology working together to create a model that can inspire society,” says Parabhakti Das. “I strongly feel in my heart that we have something very important to say. And when people see we are doing something useful, they will come to hear it.”
  • Interfaith Opens Doors at Italy’s Villa Vrindavana
    Interfaith exchange has always been a powerful way for members of different faiths to understand each other’s differences, appreciate similarities and work together towards common goals. But residents at ISKCON’s Villa Vrindavana farm in Italy have discovered that its benefits are even more far-reaching.
  • Italy’s Villa Vrindavana Earns “Special Farm” Status
    The local government gave Villa Vrindavana the "special farm" status which recognizes the farm as a place where agriculture, spirituality, culture and social events work together. The new status allows Villa Vrindavana to perform new activities, which they did not have the opportunity for in the past.
  • Traveling Temple Floods Italy with Prabhupada’s Books
    If you happened to be walking past a friendly farmer’s field in Southern Italy this summer, you might have seen an astonishing sight: an 18-meter-high, 40-meters-in-diameter circus-style tent with a plaque reading, “Hare Krishna Festival Dell’India” affixed to its peak.
  • Villa Vrindavana TV Show Appearance Changes Hearts
    ISKCON Italy’s flagship center, the rural community of Villa Vrindavana, was thrust into the public’s attention when the TV show 24/7 chose it as the focus of one of its episodes this spring.
  • First 24hr Kirtana in Florence, Italy
    In june, Villa Vrindavana (Florence, Italy), will hold its first 24hours kirtan entitled "Sravanam Kirtanam: keep your faith alive by hearing and singing".
  • Snowstorm Destroys Villa Vrindavana Cow Shelter
    Devotees in ISKCON Italy’s rural Villa Vrindavana community are still struggling to recover after a violent snowfall in the Florence area on Friday, December 17th paralyzed the farm and completely destroyed the tent-shelter in which its cows were housed.
  • Italy: 'First Icons' Of Apostles Found In Rome
    Italian art restorers have discovered the oldest known paintings of Christ's apostles, Paul, Peter, Andrew and John, in Rome. The restorers used new laser technology to uncover the 4th or 5th Century images in a burial chamber in the district of Ostiense.
  • 8th European Leaders Meetings Held at Villa Vrindavana

    ISKCON’s 8th ELM (European Leaders Meetings), held from October 2 – 3 in Villa Vrindavana, Italy this year, yielded inspiring news on the year's accomplishments, as well as some exciting new plans.

  • Villa Vrindavana’s 30th Anniversary Reignites Future Hope
    Four hundred devotees at ISKCON Italy’s Villa Vrindavana celebrated their temple’s 30th anniversary this July 11th and 12th with festive exuberance. The program included an ancient-style fire sacrifice, public chanting in Florence’s city center, a multimedia show, musical and dance performances, leisure activities and finally, a sumptuous feast.
  • Companies See Increased Interest in Spiritual Tours

    They plan to take a lot of photos and record the experience when they go on a faith-based trip to Italy and Bosnia in May. The Grand Rapids couple will visit the Vatican, as well as religious sites in Monte Ste. Angelo, Loreto and Lanciano. In Bosnia, the city of Medjugorje holds a place where the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to children every day since 1981.

  • Confused Confessors: Probe Discloses Clergy’s Diverging Views

    The major Italian weekly magazine L'espresso has published a piece of investigative journalism on how Catholic priests handle their confessions; the Vatican became enraged at the disclosures.