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Articles tagged as Killing

  • On Arizona Shooting, Political Blame Game
    The recent shooting in Tucson, Arizona, USA has saturated the media, sparking accusations of political influence from the Tea Party and a rancorous political climate to explain why the shooter decided to open fire. "The tragedy in Arizona signals how desperately Americans need to commit to restoring some sanity and civility to our public discourse" - an author says.
  • ISKCON Devotee Stabbed in Cold Blood

    Andhra Pradesh, India – At 3:30am on Sunday January 20, devotees at ISKCON's Sri Sri Radha Syama Sundar Mandir in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, rose as usual for their early morning prayers. But things took a far from normal turn when temple resident Jagannath Das opened a bolted door and discovered fellow devotee Lakshmivan Das on the floor in a pool of blood.

  • For "Honor"
    It struck me like a sad little song. The article was only a measly paragraph, giving the bare facts, not saying much about the victim nor her killers. Maybe any more would have been just too much to bear. The piece, on page 6 of the July 27 NY Times, told of an ‘honor killing.” The culprit was a 70 year old grandmother of 16. I guess she thought she was doing right by her family.