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Articles tagged as Knowledge

  • Sunrise

    This morning I watched the sunrise and marveled. What a blessing to see it and experience awe. It should be a daily tonic - to stand and soak it in, this moment of majestic movement. One could call it living yoga, feeling deeply connected to the source of light, and life, for this small world.

  • The Boat of Transcendental Knowledge

    Life in this material world is just like an ocean of ignorance. We are in the midst of this terrible ocean, which has been tossing us in the repeated cycle of birth and death from time immemorial.

  • The Knowledge of the Arrogant Defeats the Purpose of Knowledge

    Humility means to acknowledge that reality is bigger than our conceptions.

  • How to Really Be Happy This Christmas

    When we send our children to school obviously we hope that they will be taught the truth. Well, at least some of the time. It seems that painful truths may have to wait, such as the non-existence of Santa Claus

  • Double-edged Sword

    Srila Prabhupada repeatedly stressed that real education is character development. His name reminds us of the balance we have to strike – “Bhaktivedanta: knowledge with devotion.”

  • Material Self Knowledge Vs Spiritual Self Knowledge

    A recent article in the Op-Ed of the Dec 8 New York Times entitled  "Know Thy Self - Really"  by Quassim Cassam, philosophy professor  at the University of Warwick, UK., asks “How do you know you believe you are wearing socks?” 

  • Sherlock Holmes and the Limits of Modern Knowing

    Holmes’s approach to problem solving epitomizes the modern approach to acquiring knowledge. That is to say, he does what most of us (including scientists) do when we want to figure something out—look, listen, think, conclude—only better and faster. 

  • Claiming That the Unknown Is Unknowable Is Claiming to Know the Unknown

    “God is so great that we tiny creatures can never know him.” So claim some people. At first sight, this position seems reasonable and even humble. However, it neglects the reality that God is so great that he transcends not only affirmation, but also negation.