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  • The 20th Annual Llama Fest at ISKCON Spanish Fork, Utah

    Food booths will offer such south of the border favorites as chili, nachos, emphanadas, braised vegetables with fried curd, bread pudding,  spicy wraps, and lemon mango fruit drinks.

  • ISKCON Utah Looks at Big Picture with “Llama Fest”
    About 4,000 people will stream in through the gates of ISKCON Utah onto its spacious grounds this July 17th, to spend the afternoon in the shadow of the enormous Vedic temple with its fifty-foot dome. But they’ll be attending for possibly the last reason one might expect to visit a Hare Krishna temple—the 16th annual Llama Fest.
  • The Highlight of Llama Fest? Llamas, of Course
    SPANISH FORK — Llamas are native to lands far from where Hinduism originated, but in these docile creatures, Charu Das sees an exemplary adherence to one of the main tenants of his faith: tolerance. "There's only so much you can do about your environment," said Das, 61, who manages the Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork. "We can't make it dark at noon, we can't make it light at midnight. ... Our response should not always be to control nature. It's better to learn to tolerate, just like animals."