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Articles tagged as Loss

  • The Plastic Problem

    Often times we start on our spiritual journey with great enthusiasm, excitement and cheer. Yet, somewhere in the middle we come to a point where everything becomes known, monotonous and obvious. How do we steer back?

  • On Grieving a Beloved Vaishnava

    This is not a time to hold back or to put off what so deeply pains the heart, for the extent that you have loved, it is to that extent that you will feel a kind of pain that perhaps you’ve never experienced before.

  • Contradictions

    A deep fear about losing family and friends… but are we as worried about how we relate to them while their alive?

  • Needs, Loss, and Krishna

    The evolution from seeing Krishna as the supplier of our needs to seeing him as our greatest need usually takes many lifetimes.

  • Paramahamster: Hair Loss
  • A Loan From God - Losing Someone to Suicide

    Shaunaka Rishi Das spent many years caring for his wife Keshava, who had chronic fatigue syndrome. In her mid-50s and suffering from depression, Keshava took her own life, with questions over the medical response leading to a traumatic two-day inquest.

  • Losing Sensual Pleasure – Losing Spiritual Pleasure

    We don’t like to lose things. If a choice entails some loss, we recoil from it. Such recoiling can make us miss out on choices that involve initial losses but lead to eventual gains.