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  • New Book: A Bond of Love - Srila Prabhupada’s Daughters

    In a new book A Bond of Love published by Bookwrights Press Srila Prabhupada’s daughters remember their time with their spiritual master.

  • Giriraj’s Radical Love

    Krishna took on giant form and ate all the offerings – and called for more. Feeling a little anxious, the farmers brought whatever else they could. More, he called. More! And once we have given everything, and God asks for yet more, then what happens? Are we left broken and alone, with nothing?

  • Why We Hide

    Although “we desperately seek and desire profound connections, we are terrified of being rejected and isolated”

  • Bhakti Course Based on Award-Winning Book “Wise-Love” Launches

    “Wise-Love,” by Srila Prabhupada disciple Pranada Dasi, is described as “a handbook of the essence of bhakti written for a modern, Western audience.” “Wise-Love” is the book’s term for bhakti, meaning love grounded in reason and philosophy.

  • Six Easy Ways to Love

    Love is a small word with a big promise. In a spiritual practice like Krishna Bhakti, the intent is to awaken love - our original pure love between us and our source of life, Krishna, as well as our natural love for everything connected to Him. 

  • Pranada Dasi’s “Wise-Love” Nominated for Prestigious Eric Hoffer Book Award

    One of the largest international awards for independent books published by small or academic presses, the Eric Hoffer Book Award is given in honor of the American philosopher Eric Hoffer, who reflected on the human condition.

  • Wounded Hearts

    A poem written by Gaurangi Dasi in New Mayapur, France in 2005.

  • Love Is The Limiter of Freedom – And Its Fulfiller Too

    We long to be free. And we long for love. Yet love and freedom don’t seem to go together.

  • Book Review: Wise Love: Bhakti and the Search for the Soul of Consciousness, by Pranada Comtois

    “A writer is an individual who uses language to discover meaning in experience and communicate it.” Pranada certainly exemplifies this.

  • Paramahamster - Love Feast Part 3

    Our "Paramahamster" comic strip follows an enthusiastic devotee as he navigates a 9 - 5 work day in the corporate world. Please check back weekly for new episodes! 

  • Paramahamster - Love Feast 2

    Our "Paramahamster" comic strip follows an enthusiastic devotee as he navigates a 9 - 5 work day in the corporate world. Please check back weekly for new episodes!

  • The Taj Mahal: Enduring Monument to Love

    At first view, it was “breathtaking,” she said. But the closer you get, the less impressive it looks.

  • Open Doors, Open Hearts

    Vrindavana has an open door policy. Just take a stroll around the village lanes and someone will invite you in for a meal somewhere. It’s a stark contrast to our modern world, which is closed up and shut tight.

  • Pranada Dasi’s “Wise Love” Wins At Indie Excellence Awards

    Wise-Love by Pranada Dasi has been named the 2018 Winner in the Spirituality category at the National Indie Excellence Awards, which celebrates the best in self and independent publishing.

  • What Can't Money Buy?

    Money can buy many things and some believe anything in this world. And so people work hard, extremely hard, to earn a lot. But can money buy everything?

  • Will Sex Save a Marriage?

    In the non devotional world, where sex is the norm, the divorce rate, in many nations, is around 50%. So from that angle, the answer is no, sex does not assure one a successful marriage. And within ISKCON, where sex is discouraged, some estimate divorce rates are even higher. So, that begs a much larger question.

  • The 3 Best Ways To Say "I Love You" by Spiritual LifeHacks

    How to make those three little words have the greatest impact. A video by "Simple for the Simple".

  • Let Go of the Burden of Hate

    Choosing love over hate doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to love those who have hurt us.

  • Sensitively Strong

    When surface approaches of sensitivity and strength are founded upon a sincere selflessness, balancing the two emotions becomes effortless and natural. When our underlying motivation is to genuinely help someone, and that becomes the universal reference point, then we can confidently and unhesitatingly embrace whatever approach will facilitate growth.

  • Soft Love

    Don’t be surprised to catch yourself playing ‘God’ even when you know better. The scientist wants the credit of universal explanation. The philosopher bathes in the credit of insight, originality and wisdom. The celebrity enjoys the credit of fame, fortune and adoration. The politician wants the credit of power and control. Even an ‘average Joe’ will clutch onto something unique which, at least he thinks, makes him stand out from the crowd.

  • What Is The Real Meaning of Love by Mrinal Ghiya

    A video by Mrinal Ghiya and ISKCON Desire Tree.

  • From Frustrated Love to Bhakti - by Devamrita Swami
  • How To Differentiate Between Lust and Love

    One of the defining delusions of our society is the equalization of lust with love. People who feel physically attracted to each other assume that are in love. But often their attraction is nothing more than lust.

  • The Greatest Gift

    When my children were small they pooled their resources one year to purchase for my birthday a fine looking tie pin in the shape of a golf bag and clubs. Actually I’ve never played golf in my life, and as far as ties go, since my schooldays, I have made a point of avoiding them

  • What Kind of a Lover Are You?

    People are hungry to fill the hole in their hearts. Honest individuals will recognise they are dying for want of real love. We want others to see our sacrfice, we crave to be appreciated, we desire others to make us feel wanted and hope that others will be concerned for our happiness.

  • Is Love Maya?

    Love and relationships in this world are not the source of bondage. Selfish desire is the source of bondage, and selfish desire hijacks our love and relationships.

  • Mukunda Goswami’s New E-book Spirit Matters Released

    Mukunda Goswami’s new book Spirit Matters has been released by Torchlight Publishing is now available as e-book for free download for 3 days only on dates May 11-13. The book is a compilation of Mukunda Goswami’s articles published in the Hindustan Times discussing topics related to war, peace and love.

  • The World of Love Manifests Through the Words of Love

    The world of love refers ultimately to the spiritual world, Krishna’s personal abode where there is endless love. There, Krishna exists eternally, the soul exists eternally, and their love exists and expands eternally.

  • Is It Cowardice to Go to God out of Fear?

    Just as the child is meant to outgrow the fear, so too are religious people meant to grow up spiritually and outgrow the fear motive for going to God.

  • Surrender Out of Love

    My friend cringed when he heard that the final instruction of the Bhagavad-gita is to surrender to Krishna wholeheartedly. "Am I a criminal that I should surrender to Him? Better worship a God who is more humble and down-to-earth!"

  • Long Lost - Trailer

    'Long Lost' explores the anxieties, the hope, the questions that arise within us all including, 'what is love? - as in, REAL love?' This film is attempts to encourage others to also delve deep within. Watch Long Lost and share Tim's ordinary night out and the extraordinary (re) connection. Directed by Shaktyavesa Avatara Das. 

  • People Pray to God - The Vrajavasis Pray for God

    Praying for others is itself an act of selflessness, but praying for God is the act of ultimate selflessness. What the Vrajavasis are unconscious of is Krishna’s divinity, not divinity itself. They are obviously not atheists – they are the topmost theists.

  • 'Only Krishna' Music Video

    Music by Inci Mutlu Milano and Mike Jones.

  • Russell Brand - Awakened Man

    Russell Brand has recently burst onto the activist and consciousness scene with his interview on BBC a few months ago. Since then, he has been speaking out against many of the injustices that have been plaguing the world from wealth inequality to political corruption.

  • Exploring Love

    Love, we are told, is all we need. Yet despite our ability today to acquire many things, love—or loving relationships with our friends, spouses, children, parents—often eludes us. Why?

  • Fulfilling Our Longing for Love

    Love is our innermost longing. Gita wisdom declares that our longing for love is best fulfilled when we learn to love Krishna.

  • Beings and Things - The Story of Love

    A short film of wisdom by

  • Loving Ourselves, Part Two
    When our sincerity drives our moral and spiritual compass, then we will able to understand how to strike the proper balance between need and sacrifice in our devotional lives, and we will also be receptive to others' guidance to help us to do so.
  • Loving Ourselves, Part One
    We have to learn to give ourselves the time of day. If we are just jumping all over the place, trying to be selfless, we may become resentful, because we have deprived ourselves of our needs. If we don't fulfill our real needs, then we set up ourselves to fall back into these patterns of indulgence again and again.
  • Spiritual Alchemy for the Heart
    In the love market, lust is trading at an all time high. Therapists get rich as victims of affection increase, and who wants the dry life of a saint? The vacuum of spiritual training injures the health of all living entities, not just our children.
  • Love Is Not Love
    Perhaps one of the most poignant sufferings in society is the failure of human relationships. All around us we can all see so many examples of strained and collapsed relationships, possibly even in our own lives.
  • Morality, Love, and Srimati Radharani

    In Western philosophy it seems like a strange idea that God could be limited or controlled by something else. But in the devotional religious traditions of India where Krishna is worshiped as God, the idea that God is controlled by love is what makes Him so glorious.

  • Because of Love

    Eighteen-year-old Giacomo Soresi glanced surreptitiously over at the girl he’d sat next to in class for the past five years, his heart beating fast. Once he had been a little boy, flipping through the mysterious book full of strange script and beautiful pictures his father’s colleague had given him – a book called Bhagavad-Gita As It Is. And at exactly the same time, young Laura Pipitone had been singing her heart out to an LP her big brother bought from a Hare Krishna devotee on the street. But back then, Giacomo didn’t know about that “coincidence,” or the many others to come that meant his destiny was inextricably entwined with hers.