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Articles tagged as Lust

  • How To Differentiate Between Lust and Love

    One of the defining delusions of our society is the equalization of lust with love. People who feel physically attracted to each other assume that are in love. But often their attraction is nothing more than lust.

  • What Makes Good People Do Bad Things?

    Gita wisdom reconciles the goodness of God’s creation with the weakness of his creatures by differentiating between our pure core as souls and the shell of impurities such as lust.

  • Spiritual Anger Management

    The Mahabharata says that, while ordinary arrows cut us once, the arrow of our words ‘burn the heart day and night.’ This is poignantly true when the heated exchange is between near and dear ones, as is so often the case.

  • Sexual Energy on the Riot

     The undeniable tragic truth is that sexual abuse, even if under-reported, is widespread in our society. But as long as such abuses happen in remote villages, mainstream India tends to ascribe it to the backwardness of those people.