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  • Growing a Library at the Mayapur Academy
    Recent expansions of the facilities and collection at the Mayapur Academy library are bringing it closer to Srila Prabhupada's vision.
  • Mayapur Academy of Deity Worship Will Expand to Second Facility
    ISKCON’s headquarters, Mayapur, West Bengal, India — The Mayapur Academy, which aims to train brahmanas with a focus on Deity worship, looks set to add a new building to its educational campus to accommodate its rapid growth.
  • Mayapur Academy Opens Regional Deity Worship School in Villa Vrindavana

    For the past ten years, the Mayapur Academy – run by the ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry – has offered devotees a four-month intensive training course that equips them with all the knowledge, skills and values they need to serve as pujaris in ISKCON. Many successful graduates have come away from the course with diplomas in archana. But it’s not always easy for devotees to travel so far and be away from their services or homes for four months.

  • Italian Deity Worship Academy Launches Successfully

    Mayapur Academy's new Italian branch allows devotees in the Western World and particularly Europe to learn the knowledge, skills and values they need to serve as pujaris in ISKCON without traveling all the way to Mayapur in India. Units include astrology Tulasi care and worship, jewelry making, cooking, festivals, yajnas, turban making, and flower decorations.

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