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  • Mayapur Institute Building New Campus on Ten Acres

    As it outgrows its current facilities, the Mayapur Institute is beginning to build a new campus on ten acres at ISKCON’s headquarters in Mayapur, West Bengal. Manager Anantashesh Das says that the new campus for the Institute – which trains ISKCON devotees in the systematic study of Srila Prabhupada’s books – will be located fifteen minutes from Mayapur’s main ISKCON campus, in a serene and beautiful spot.

  • The Ultimate Recharge

    Srila Prabhupada's vision for ISKCON’s world headquarters in Mayapur, West Bengal, India focuses on inspiring devotees worldwide through education. For the last fifteen years, the Mayapur Institute (MI) has been developing as a powerful institute to fulfill his vision.

  • Mayapur Institute Offers New Courses for Vaishnavis

    Last year the Mayapur Institute launched the Bhakti-pravesa Course to address and serve the needs of ISKCON’s Vaisnavis according to the understandings Srila Prabhupada imparted to his followers.

  • Determined Effort
    Srila Prabhupada placed writing and publishing books as his highest priority knowing his followers would thus derive the greatest benefits.
  • The Mayapur Institute

    Staff and students of the Institute, from all parts of the globe, speak about their experiences in Mayapur, and how they have benefited from studying and living in the Holy Dhama.

    A video produced by Deva Gaura Hari Das.

  • New Courses Offered by Mayapur Institute

    The Mayapur Institute has announced its new courses for the Fall and next Gaura Purnima.

  • Mayapur Institute Offers Groundbreaking Online Course
    After the success of a pilot Bhakti Sastri Online course by the Mayapur Institute for Higher Education (MIHE), the Institute will offer another round of this groundbreaking step in ISKCON education from January 29th 2011 to April 29th 2012.
  • Mayapur Institute Is Calling All Senior Devotees
    The Mayapur Institute is calling all the senior devotees to participate, share their life's experience and mentor younger devotees, and as an exchange experience fresh realizations and receive new inspiration about their parts in Prabhupada's mission.
  • Mayapur Realizations
    I had major breakthroughs in facing challenges to my spiritual life in coming to Mayapur, and enrolling in the Mayapur Institute's Bhakti-sastri Course. The course facilitators placed a high priority upon applying our philosophy in our day-to-day living, which helped me learn how to see Krishna's loving hand behind every event, even in times of difficulty.