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Articles tagged as Morality

  • Do Animals Have Morality?

    There have been a number of scientific studies recently that try to analyse if animals have any form of morality. The subject is important to many people because there seems to be various beliefs with vested interests in the interpretations.

  • Transit Point

    Regardless the politicians' agenda or the prevailing public opinion, in democracy, everyone has the freedom to follow their OWN moral compasses. A short film about aid workers of different spiritual backrounds, who, despite the hostile public environment, provided help to hundreds of thousands of refugees crossing Hungary in 2015.

  • The Golden Rule

    Many faiths share a common belief in treating others the way you would like to be treated. The Golden Rule is something we can all agree on. A video by FaithCounts.

  • I'mmoral

    How important is it to follow social niceties? Isn’t a spiritualist automatically moral? Does following such ethics contribute anything to the divine journey?

  • Morality Should Not Be Priced in the Marketplace

    Capitalism thrives on selfish impulses that Christian moral teaching condemns, and neo-classical economic theory mythologizes a supposedly “natural” free market that never existed anywhere.

  • Spirituality – The Foundation of Morality
    Living by moral principles is like following traffic laws for smooth and safe travel. The purpose of travel, however, is not to follow the laws but to reach the destination. If a traveler feels that the traffic laws delay him or obstruct his reaching the destination, he may break them if he thinks he can get away with it.
  • Getting By In the Kali-yuga

    Human life is all about regulation. Morality means regulation. Children and young people getting an education requires regulation. Married life requires regulation. And driving safely on the road requires regulation. Why shouldn’t this apply to businesses?

  • If Everything Is Matter Nothing Really Matters!

    If there is nothing but physical machines and biological matter then who is to say what is right or wrong? Even more worrying, who would really care to follow what was right or wrong?

  • Nice Baddies, Nice Evil

    Many mass killers and criminals have become heroes and they have their fans. How many times have we heard the excuse, “The devil made me do it” as a way of absolving oneself from guilt, when actually the attempted fulfilment of perverse desires is the ugly truth?

  • Belief In Hell Lowers Crime Rate, According To International Study

    Religions are thought to serve as bulwarks against unethical behaviors. However, when it comes to predicting criminal behavior, the specific religious beliefs one holds is the determining factor, says a University of Oregon psychologist.

  • Three Questions That Will Reset Your Moral Compass
    From navigating the complexities of a complicated moral dilemma to knowing how to treat your spouse or partner, your moral compass dictates the course of action and prompts you to respond in kind.
  • Ambassador of Goodwill

    Life in this world is very calculative. Before we give something we calculate what we’ll get back. Before we take a risk we calculate what we could lose. Before we invest in a relationship we calculate what benefits it will bring us. Before we extend ourselves for someone else we calculate how worthy they are of our help.

  • Morality, Love, and Srimati Radharani

    In Western philosophy it seems like a strange idea that God could be limited or controlled by something else. But in the devotional religious traditions of India where Krishna is worshiped as God, the idea that God is controlled by love is what makes Him so glorious.

  • Leading Questions

    Last week police questioned British Prime Minister Tony Blair for the second time in relation to the "cash for honours" allegations surrounding the government. He has already seen two of his close aides arrested in this connection and bookmaker William Hill shortened the odds of the same fate befalling him to just 7-1.