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  • New Portland Bhakti Center Launches, Serves Friday Feasts To Go

    While its doors remain closed to the public due to COVID-19, the brand new Portland Bhakti Center has launched and is serving COVID-safe Krishna Friday Feasts to-go for all.

  • Trick or Sweetball: How Vaishnavas Celebrate Halloween

    As jack-o-lanterns, comedy gravestones, and zombies crop up on our neighbor’s lawns, and every kid in town shakes with excitement about their candy haul, ISKCON devotees may be wondering whether or not to take their own children out trick-or-treating. Some devotees have expressed concerns about celebrating non-Gaudiya Vaishnava holidays. Others are Krishna-izing Halloween in creative ways. 

  • Could ISKCON Portland Kick Off a Society-Wide Change of Sunday Feast Times?

    In a move that could change  ISKCON’s community development, social life and outreach if other centers follow suit, ISKCON of Portland, Oregon has shifted its Sunday Feast from its traditional late afternoon time and added a whole raft of activities to cater to families.