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Articles tagged as Punk

  • Godhead: New Krishnacore Band Debuts First Record

    Godhead is a new Los Angeles-based Krishnacore band. Krishnacore is a subgenre of hardcore punk that draws inspiration from the Bhakta Yoga traditions. Although some hardcore punk bands had already made references to Krishna Consciousness in the 1980s punk and hardcore scene, this subgenre was established in the early 1990s by bands like Shelter and 108. Godhead recently released their first EP and just had their first show on November 21st at Programme Skate & Sound in Fullerton, California.

  • New Documentary about Punk-Rock Legend Poly Styrene (Maharani Dasi)

    This documentary follows Celeste as she examines her mother’s unopened artistic archive and traverses three continents, including the sacred lands of India to better understand Poly the icon and Poly the mother.