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  • Putin Says He’d Prefer Start Yoga with Spiritual Practices

    "Yoga is about the development from the physical to the spiritual. Let us say I have started with the spiritual," Putin said at a news conference.

  • Vladimir Putin Congratulates Russians on Orthodox Christmas

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated Orthodox Christians and all citizens of Russia who celebrate Christmas.

  • Krishna Yet to Win Russian Hearts

    The long-running feud over Moscow’s ISKCON temple shows the suspicion and hostility that the Hare Krishna movement still evokes in that country.

  • Putin Approves New Education Law
    Russian President Vladimir Putin signed new legislation that makes a course on the fundamentals of religion mandatory in all schools. It wasn’t clear if that means lessons on Orthodox Christianity or world religions generally.
  • Putin Visit: Krishna to Kudankulam on Indian Agenda
    Exactly a year ago, a news rocked the Indian parliament about an imminent legal ban on the Bhagvad Gita, Hinduism's revered text and philosophical treatise, in Russia, forcing Moscow's intervention. A year later, a bigger crisis looms. A cocktail of religious idiosyncrasy and byzantine municipal laws is leading to ISKCON's eviction from its only temple in Moscow on January 15.
  • Putin’s God Squad
    After years of repression under Communist rule, the Orthodox Church is back at the heart of Russian politics.