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  • ISKCON Berlin, London, Radhadesh and Zurich Hold Joint Virtual Ratha Yatra Festival

    From July 1st to 12th, ISKCON Toronto, Canada held a 12-day series of online events. More recently, on Saturday July 18th, ISKCON of Berlin, London, Radhadesh (Belgium) and Zurich jointly hosted a unique first-time European virtual collaboration festival, “Spirit of Ratha Yatra.”

  • Sydney Devotees Construct Detailed Jagannath Puri Replica

    When devotees at the ISKCON temple in Sydney, Australia, couldn’t organize their regular full-fledged outdoor Rathayatra festival due to COVID-19 restrictions, they decided to bring the whole city of Puri and a new custom-built chariot into their temple room for a small indoor Rathayatra.

  • Untimely Rath Yatra: ISKCON Says It Will Take Some Time To Switch 50-Year-Old Traditions

    Yudhistir Govinda Das informed that at the request of Gajapati Maharaja, the King of Puri, ISKCON had resolved to move the Rath Yatra festivals that it celebrates across the country to coincide with the 12-day Rath Yatra period in Asadha month.

  • ISKCON Youth Help Put On Four Caribbean Ratha Yatras

    The latest tour by ISKCON Youth Ministry saw youth help put on four Rathayatras in the Caribbean, and some become inspired to take on active roles in the Hare Krishna Movement.

  • Puri King Urges ISKCON Not to Hold Rath Yatra on Unspecified Days

    Do we celebrate festivals such as Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Mahashivaratri, Sri Ram Navami and Durga Puja on unspecified days, asks the king.

  • Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard Speaks at L.A. Rathayatra

    During a visit to Los Angeles for a political function, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, U.S. Congresswoman from Hawaii, addressed a crowd of about four thousand devotees and members of the public at the L.A. Rathayatra festival on August 4th

  • Laguna Beach Mantra Fest To Give Public An Interactive Spiritual Experience

    Dubbed “Mantra Fest,” the outreach portion of Laguna Beach Rathayatra will be held on Sunday July 28th in downtown Laguna Beach, and will be a uniquely interactive experience for the public.

  • Governor of Jakarta Attends Rathayatra in Indonesian Capital

    This year, on June 30th, ISKCON devotees celebrated the Lord of the Universe in the capital city, Jakarta, as part of the “Jakarnaval” cultural parade, a major tourist attraction.

  • Six Temples Collaborate to Create Hugely Successful New York Ratha Yatra

    In an inspiring show of cooperation, six ISKCON-affiliated organizations in the New York area collaborated to put on a hugely successful Rathayatra festival this summer – Brooklyn’s Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir, the Bhakti Center in Manhattan, 26 2nd Avenue, ISKCON of Queens, New Yoga Pitha in the Bronx, and the Yuga Dharma Ashram.

  • Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard Leads Kirtan at New York Rathayatra

    Tulsi Gabbard took time out of her busy schedule of events in New York to visit the main kirtan tent at the Rathayatra’s post-parade festival in Washington Square Park.

  • First Texarkana Rathayatra Will Take Place In Two States Simultaneously

    On Saturday May 4th, a unique Rathayatra festival will take place in Texarkana, a city that sits on the state line between Arkansas and Texas

  • Festival of Joy to Share India’s Spiritual Culture with City of Dallas

    Previously, Rathayatra in Dallas was a small scale affair, with ISKCON Dallas devotees pulling Lord Jagannath’s chariot through their local neighborhood. But last Spring saw them partner with the Dallas Arts District to put on “Festival of Joy,” a major cultural event for the entire Dallas area.

  • Elegant Jagannatha Ratha-yatra Graces Amravati

    On February 11th, a Ratha-yatra festival was held in Amravati, the second largest and most populous city in Maharashtra’s Vidarbha region in India. The roads were decorated with rangoli by the Pune devotees, flowers were showered on the chariot from a bridge above, and the ISKCON Girls’ Forum distributed books along the route.

  • ISKCON Youth Introduce 300,000 to Maha Mantra at Tampa Pirate Parade

    This was devotees’ second year participating in the parade, which is part of the massive Gasparilla Pirate Festival with a host of events themed around the legend of mythical Spanish Pirate José Gaspar.

  • Puerto Rico Rathayatra Shows That Nothing Can Stop Devotional Service

    When the category 4 Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico on September 20th, 2017, the U.S. territory’s only ISKCON temple, in Gurabo, was almost completely destroyed. For nearly a year after, devotees did not have electricity or running water, and groceries and gas were hard to come by.

  • Devotees Circumambulate Deities by Boat During Mauritius Boat Festival

    ISKCON Mauritius’ 11thannual Rathayatra at Mahebourg, in the south-east of the island nation, featured a unique offering that truly befit the tropical setting – a boat festival in a vivid blue lagoon.

  • Rathayatra Held on Réunion Island in Indian Ocean

    The Lord’s Holy Names continue to be chanted in every town and village, no matter how exotic or remote. Devotees on Réunion Island held their second annual Rathayatra in the city of St. Pierre on Saturday December 8th, summertime for the island. 

  • Simultaneous Ratha Yatras Held on Both Sides of Argentina in Historic Event

    Argentina saw a unique moment in ISKCON’s history on Thursday November 22nd. Two major Ratha Yatra festivals took place at the same time on both sides of the country – one in its capital city Buenos Aires, on the East Coast, and one in Mendoza, on the Western border of the country, at the foot of the Andes mountain range. 

  • Indian Ambassador Inaugurates Ratha Yatra in Sofia, Bulgaria

    For the first time in the country’s history, the Indian Ambassador to Bulgaria, Pooja Kapur inaugurated the festival.

  • St. Louis: Rain or Shine, Lord Jagannath Gets His Festival

    As soon as it was time to pull the cart in St. Lous, Missouri, it started pouring.  Even though the organizers started to worry that the crowd would be scarce, the park started to quickly fill up with people of all ages, races, and all religions, eager to experience this age-old Indian cultural event.

  • 50th ISKCON London Ratha Yatra Festival

    In the early months of 1969, before they had managed to establish a temple, Shymasundara das had carved the beautiful deities of Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra. And so it was, in July that year, five months before the Radha Krishna Temple was opened in Bury Place, the first London Rathayatra proceeded from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square.

  • Three Rathayatras in Trinidad Bring Island Community Together

    Trinidad’s first ever Rathayatra was celebrated in Chaguanas in 1991 with a flatbed truck used as the chariot. In 1994, devotees put on the first Rathayatra in Port of Spain, building a float onto a truck chassis. But it wasn’t until 2006 that organizer Baladeva Das built the first proper Rathayatra cart with the help of a friend.

  • Celebrating the Spirit of Togetherness - The 30thDurban Festival of Chariots

    Prince Mangusutho Buthelezi (leader of the Inkhata Freedom Party and Prime Minister of the Zulu Nation) visited the festival on Saturday, 31 March. Prince Buthelezi who will turn 90 years old in August this year is currently the most senior statesman in the government cabinet.

  • Durban Festival of Chariots Celebrates Its 30th Year

    The Festival of Chariots in the South African city Durban celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The four-day festival will be held between Friday March 30th and April 2nd. The entertainment is geared to show unity through diversity.

  • Movie Stuntman Finds Joy in Krishna Consciousness

    It seemed like Jason La Shard was living the dream. Born in Quebec, Canada to Kashubian parents (a Slavic ethnic region in Northern Poland), his incredible physical stature – 7 foot 1 with size 20 shoes – set up his destiny early on.

  • 19th Ratha Yatra Festival of ISKCON Sri Lanka
  • Spiritual Strength and Rejuvenation Festival Held in New Dwaraka

    Various news media trucks and vans follow the parade and this year KTLA/CBS TV took a televised interview with Svavasa Das, temple president, at the finish of the procession. They asked him to describe the meaning and purpose of the Ratha-yatra parade for an broadcast throughout the western U.S. on the evening news.

  • Moscow Ratha Yatra

    Ratha Yatra on August 12th in Moscow's Sokolniki park as part of the celebrations of 70 years of Indian-Russian relations. Thousands of people were in attendance. 

  • Panama Rathayatra A Big Draw For Locals

    While some ISKCON Rathayatras attract mostly an internal devotee audience, 90% of the crowd at the recent 18th “Festival de la India” in Panama were local Panamanians.

  • Invitation to Ratha Yatra In Lisbon, Portugal, 2017

    The Ratha Yatra procession starts at 4pm on 9 th of July in Largo do Intendente towards the final destination in Ribeira das Naus, where starting at 7 pm a festival will conclude in a form of various activities, music, dance and in distribution of delicious vegetarian food.

  • Reflections on the Festival of Chariots at Clearwater Beach, Florida

    Ratha Yatras are always amazing and wonderful events, but I was trying to pinpoint why this venue felt more auspicious than usual to me. I did not realize the answer until the next day when Shranti devi informed me that Their Lordships Radha Damodar had presided at the exact same venue, Pier 60, when Vishnujana Swami and the traveling party brought Then there over forty years ago!

  • Ratha Yatra in Puerto Rico

    On a balmy day in the bustling tourist city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, traffic came to almost a standstill as “Harmony of the Seas”, the largest cruise ship in the world, pulled into the harbor. Locals and visitors alike flocked to the port district to observe the impressive dimensions of the ship. Hundreds of cruisers stepped off the ship to explore the Boricua shore. Unbeknownst to the gathering crowds, they were about to witness a joyous procession of singing and dancing starring their lordships, Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra.

  • Historic Ratha Yatra in the Heart of Santiago, Chile

    In an unprecedented event, Santiago's main street, Avenida Libertador Bernado O'Higgins, was used exclusively by the majestic chariot that carried the Lord of the Universe and the people who pulled its ropes, filling the streets of Santiago with joy and colors like never before. 

  • ISKCON Suriname Hold First Ratha Yatra

    On September 24, 2016, history was created when ISKCON of Suriname held its first Ratha-yatra festival in the capital City of Paramaribo, with the Lord Jagannath cart parading through one of the busiest streets in the city.  The festival was organiszd as part of ISKCON Suriname’s main 50th anniversary initiative.

  • ISKCON Suriname Holds First Ratha-yatra

    Last Saturday, on September 24, history was created when ISKCON of Suriname held its first Ratha-yatra festival in the capital City of Paramaribo, with the Lord Jagannath cart parading through one of the busiest streets in the city.  The festival was organized as part of ISKCON Suriname’s main 50th anniversary initiative. The procession began at 5:00 pm sharp with the ribbon cutting done by the Raghoebier family, who, over a decade ago, had kindly provided the facility in Paramaribo that ISKCON utilizes.

  • A Historic Event – The First Ratha-Yatra In Zagreb, Croatia

    On the 6th of August, the capital of Croatia – Zagreb – welcomed Lord Jagannatha with the Ratha-yatra festival for the first time. A big, colorful procession of around 350 people with the wonderful Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra deities joyfully resting on a chariot beautifully decorated with flowers and cookies began its way at the Europski square, proceeding through the main square and finally reaching Zagreb’s biggest city park, Zrinjevac, where kirtan and book and prasadam distribution went on.

  • Los Angeles Ratha Yatra

    The 40th Annual LA Rathayatra was a spectacular event for the body mind and soul.

  • Los Angeles Celebrates 40th Rathayatra and 50th of ISKCON

    It was a truly uplifting and festive time for ISKCON of Los Angeles from August 4th to 7th recently, with celebrations for both the 40th anniversary of the city’s Rathayatra festival, and the 50th anniversary of ISKCON in full swing. There was a kirtan mela with international kirtaniyas, a series of seminars and video presentations, a tour of places where Prabhupada frequented in LA,  and the biggest Rathayatra festival yet.

  • Toronto Rathayatra Inspires Second Gen Leadership

    Growing every year in size and popularity under a second generation team, Toronto Rathayatra has inspired younger devotees to take on more and more leadership in their community, and senior devotees to hand more and more to them. Today, the festival is put on by thirty-two younger devotees from high school kids to thirty-somethings, heading up twenty different departments.

  • Berlin’s Historic Ratha Yatra

    Devotees in Berlin held their annual Ratha Yatra on July 30th near to Brandenburg Gate, Germany’s most famous landmark. It was an historic occasion which brought tears to the eyes of many devotees, including Sacinandana Swami who has served in the German yatra for over 40 years. A video by Ananta Vrindavan.

  • Jagannath Brings in a Splash of Spiritual Culture to London on ISKCON 50th

    Lord Jagannath, Lady Subhadra and Lord Baladev were carried in three beautifully decorated chariots. In celebration of ISKCON’s 50th anniversary the chariots also carried the “ISKCON 50” logo.

  • The Legend of Jagannath - A National Geographic Documentary
  • Annual Chariot Festival of Lord Jagannath, Puri, 2016
  • Ratha Yatra in St. Augustine, FL, USA

    April 9, 2016.

  • ISKCON Mumbai Shivaji Park Ratha Yatra 2016
  • ISKCON Pune Plans Ambitious “50th-ized” Year

    Can you imagine one city holding 500 Harinamas or distributing 500,000 of Srila Prabhupada’s books in one year? 

  • Festival of Chariots, Durban 2013

    Just some small pieces of the beautiful event of social cohesion that took place on the Durban beachfront celebrating 25 years of the Festival of Chariots, with the motto: "We are culturally many, but spiritually one!" A video by Shruti Sheth

  • Caribbean Youth Tour Helps Put on First Ever Rathayatra in Dominican Republic

    Since 1995, devotee youth headed by ISKCON Youth Ministry’s Manorama Das and his wife Jaya Sri Radhe Dasi have traveled all over the US and Canada every summer – and Mexico every winter. On each trip, they spread Krishna consciousness and get inspired themselves in the process.

  • Lord Jagannath Showers His Mercy Upon Kanpur

    On the bright afternoon of 3rd October 2015, the chariot of Jagannath, Baladev and Subhadra rolled down the roads of Old Kanpur, India, with hundreds of devotees dancing. People enthusiastically participated in the chariot pulling fiesta. Simultaneously young students of different colleges of Kanpur earnestly distributed books on the roads and the marketplace.

  • Senator Gives Encouraging Speech At Bali Ratha Yatra

    “Not many are aware of the fact that the ancient kings of Indonesia, in particular that of the Majapahit Kingdom, were devotees of Lord Vishnu," started his inaugural speech the senator of the Legislative Council of Indonesia, Dr. Shri Gusti Ngurah Arya Wedakarna Mahendradatta Wedasteraputra Suyasa III, who attended the Festival of the Chariots held  in Denpasar, Bali on 19th of July, 2015. 

  • Bharatnatyam Performance at 2015 Prague Ratha Yatra
  • US Congressman and Mayor Among 10,000 Attendees for Detroit Rathyatra

    Detroit ISKCON celebrated its 30th Annual Rathyatra on Sunday July 19th with its largest attendance ever – an estimated 10,000 visitors. There were many highlights of the day, including grand opening ceremonies, amazing kirtan by Gaura Mani, Gopal and others, five hours of captivating stage entertainment, jammed packed Kidz Zone featuring Vedic crafts, live cooking demos and so much more. 

  • Ratha Yatra in Kisumu, Kenya

    The Lake shore city of Kenya – Kisumu, celebrated its annual Rath Yatra on the 18th of July, coinciding with the Puri Rath Yatra, and "Idd-Ul-Ftr" (a local holiday). Taking advantage of the auspicious date, the Kisumu devotees organized the festival in less than a week.

  • 44th Kolkata Ratha Yatra Teaser
  • Celebrating The Festival Of Jagannath In India (1937)

    Archival footage of the Ratha Yatra festival in Puri, 1937.

  • 44th Kolkata Ratha Yatra Teaser

    The event is 18-26th of July, 2015.

  • Nairobi Celebrates Three Decades of Ratha Yatra

    The much-awaited festival of chariots finally, after one year of absence, glided through the streets of the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi, with all glamour and grandeur. Hundreds of wanainchi (members of the public) came out on the streets to watch this colorful festival and the grand cart carrying the Lord of the Universe.

  • London Flooded with Devotion: Ratha Yatra - Festival of Chariots

    The Daily Telegraph newspaper, one of the top papers in London, covered the event the day after; putting a ½ page photo of the famous dressed up sister couple of Radha-Krishna for its audience of more than 500,000 people. The MP of Hendon Matthew Offord was in attendance, arriving back from Paris just before, but making it in time for viewing Lords on Their cart at Trafalgar Square.

  • London Ratha Yatra: June 14th, 2015

    On the auspicious occasion of ISKCON London’s Rathayatra festival, the team at both the Bhaktivedanta Manor and Radha Krishna Temple’s would like to invite everyone to join in the festivities this Sunday, June 14th, 2015.

  • Invitation & Volunteering Opportunities for Ratha Yatra in London
  • Sydney Ratha Yatra Praised by Australian Member of Parliament

    On 16th May, ISKCON held its annual Ratha Yatra Festival it Parramatta, Sydney. The program was a great success, it was also attended by Julie Owens Member of the Australian Parliament. On May 27th, Julie Owens in a speech given in the Parliament House expressed her heartfelt appreciation of the Ratha Yatra festival

  • Ratha Yatra in Prague, Czech Republic

    A video of the 2014 Ratha Yatra in Prague.

  • Florida Is “The Rathayatra State” With Over A Dozen Festivals

    For many, the season of Rathayatra, or the Festival of Chariots, won’t start until the summer. But Florida, which has become “The Rathayatra State” with a record-holding one dozen festivals in-state and more organized by Florida devotees out-of-state, is already kicking off its celebrations.

  • Hare Krishna Devotees Celebrate Festival of Chariots in Leicester

    Leicester, UK, was awash with music, dance and chanting today, as the Hare Krishna movement held their annual Festival of Chariots procession.

  • Festival of the Chariots on the Island of the Gods

    "The International Society for Krishna Consciousness for Indonesia has been celebrating Ratha-yatra festival for twelwe years,” Bala Krishna das head of this year’s Ratha Yatra committee says. "Every year the festival changes its location, moves from regency to regency within Bali. Now, after twelwe years, we have reached a full circle, and the festival arrived back in Bali's provincial capital Denpasar."

  • 10th Annual Festival of the Chariots, Jacksonville, FL

    The 10th Annual Festival of the Chariots & Ratha Yatra Parade, an Indian multi-cultural extravaganza, will take place on the beach & at the Seawalk Pavillion, Seawalk Plaza Beach Blvd. & Ocean Front South in Jacksonville Beach from 3:30 to 9 PM.

  • Hundreds of Thousands Attend 43rd Kolkata Ratha Yatra

    “Srila Prabhupada first arranged and celebrated Rathayatra at the age of five on the streets of Kolkata with his neighbors and friends,” says organizer Ananga Mohan Das. “He always wanted the ISKCON Kolkata Rathayatra to be the second largest in the world after the one in Jagannath Puri. And since he established ISKCON in Kolkata in 1971, it has been growing, with an ever-increasing number of attendees.”

  • Kolkata Ratha Yatra 2014

    The Ratha Yatra in Kolkata was held on June 29, 2014. The event was entitled as the  "Prabhupada Ratha Yatra" because A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada used to hold a small Ratha Yatra for neighborhood children when he was a boy. A video by Jeff Wilson, commentary is by Subhag. 

  • Jagannath Ratha Yatra in Puri , India

    A short documentary about the famous chariot festival in Puri, India.

  • Ratha Yatra Mayapur 2014

    This is the Ratha Yatra Festival in Mayapur 2014. This video is narated by Jananivasa das. He tells the story of how the appearance of these Jaganath deities came about and the eternal link they have to the Holy Dham. A video by bh. Jeff Wilson.

  • When the Lord Comes Out, Let's Invite Him In

    Ratha Yatra: let’s explore what this ancient festival offers to modern minds the world over as they, like us, seek to evolve as better beings.

  • Invitation to the Kolkata Ratha Yatra

    The 43rd Kolkata Ratha Yatra will take place on 29th June 2014.

  • Ratha Yatra in Jakarta, Indonesia

    Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia celebrated its 487th anniversary on Sunday, 22 June 2014. On this occasion, the city hosted the Jakarnaval, a cultural parade from the National Monument to the Central Business District of Jakarta. Hare Krishna devotees took this opportunity to organize their third annual Ratha-Yatra festival.

  • Birmingham, UK, Ratha Yatra 2014

    The 14th Anniversary of the Birmingham Rathayatra Festival 2014 promises to be a spectacular event with a City Centre procession and festival, incorporating all the exoticness, vitality and colour that is India. 

  • London's Most Famous Landmarks Awash With Sound an Color for the 46th Ratha Yatra Festival

    On Sunday 15 June, London's most famous landmarks were brought to life in a dazzling display of sound, music and colour, as thousands of devotees came to the streets of London's West End to celebrate the 46th annual Rathayatra festival. Three chariots began their journey in Hyde Park and were pulled by hand to greet a huge gathering of devotees, visitors and tourists in the city's iconic Trafalgar Square. 

  • Invitation to the Kolkata Ratha Yatra

    A video from Govinda Vision with a team of devotees: Alex Pashuk, Julia Pashuk, Pandu Das, Vaikuntha Priya Devi Dasi, Anastasia Remizova, Vaninatha Vasu Das, and Brahmacharis from ISKCON Minsk.

  • First Ever Rome Rathayatra Opens the Door for More

    Since the first Italian Rathayatra in Viareggio, Tuscany in 1981, the ancient parade festival has been celebrated at least once a year in cities such as Florence, Milan, and Verona. But there hasn’t been a Rathayatra in Italy’s renowned capital, Rome, until this May. Spurring devotees on was the fact that May 2014 was the 40th anniversary of Srila Prabhupada’s visit in 1974 to Rome, where he stayed for one week.

  • Glimpses into the First Ever Rome Ratha Yatra Festival

    Italian devotees danced for joy down the streets of Rome, looking up at Lord Jagannath’s colorful chariot as they celebrated the first ever Rathayatra festival in their capital on May 31st, 2104.

  • The Southernmost Ratha Yatra in the World

    Pucón is a city in the south of Chile nestled in the middle of majestic landscapes of volcanoes, lakes and forests. Its population of 22 thousand people icreases to 60 thousand in the summer due to its strong tourism, which fills the streets with foreigners and locals captivated by the native environment. This year, for the third consecutive year, was held the Festival of India Ratha Yatra through the main streets of the city.

  • Invitation to the Vasai, Mumbai, Ratha Yatra Festival

    Invitation video for Sri Jagannath Ratha Yatra to be held in Vasai, Mumbai, February 16th, 2014.

  • First Ratha Yatra Festival in Adelaide, Australia

    For the first time ever ISKCON Adelaide Hare Krishna Temple celebrated Jagannath Ratha Yatra (Jagannath Chariot Festival) on Sunday 26th January as part of the Australia Day celebration which included a parade, concert & fireworks.

  • Ratha Yatra Festivals in Indonesia

    On January 18-19, ISKCON held its first Ratha-yatra Festival in Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia. It was a very successful event. The mayor of Medan, the head of the Regional Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia, the head of ISKCON in Indonesia opened the event attended by over 3,000 people, who joyfully pulled the chariot of  Lord Jagannatha, Lord Baladeva and Lady Subhadra on a 4-kilometer route.

  • A Video Invitation to the Mumbai Ratha Yatra

    The event's date is Saturday January 04th, 2014, and the venue is Shivaji Park - Dadar, Mumbai.

  • ISKCON Italy Plans First Ever Rathayatra in Rome

    Rathayatra in Rome is also expected to benefit ISKCON on an international level. “Especially for religion and interfaith, I think that Rome is one of the most important places in the world,” Parabhakti Das says. 

  • Rathayatra Festival, Detroit ISKCON, 2013

    This is the video that gives highlights of the grand Rathayatra festival of Detroit Iskcon, July, 2013, held in Novi, Michigan. Several thousand guests attended throughout the day, from 11 AM to past 6:30 PM, making it the biggest and longest festival held here so far.

    A video by Stephen Knapp. 

  • Rathayatra in Sri Mayapur 2013

    500 years ago an blind old man prompted Lord Jagannath to appear in a quaint village near Mayapur in West Bengal. The Lord has been worshipped there ever since, but it is only since 1978 that ISKCON, having been requested to take over the worship, started organizing Rathayatras in Mayapur. 

    In just a few years the Mayapur Rathayatra has grown from minuscule to huge in size. Many thousand pilgrims attend from the whole Nadia region, including movie and TV celebrities from Kolkata. The stage program on Ulto Rathayatra (the return trip seven days later) draws as many as the Kolkata Ratharaytra stage. 

    A video by Vasudev Das.

  • A Glimpse into the Ratha Yatra at New Govardhan, Australia

    A short video by Visnujana dasa and about the Ratha Yatra festival taken place in New Govardhana Farm (Australia) 07 Jul 2013.

  • Chief Minister of West Bengal Inaugurates Kolkata Rath Yatra

    The 42nd Kolkata Rath Yatra, organized by ISKCON, was inaugurated by Chief Minister of West Bengal Smt. Mamata Banerjee and ISKCON sanyasis and senior disciples of Srila Prabhupada, Jayapataka Swami and Bhakti Charu Swami on July 10th.   Bengali megastar actress Koyal Mullick was also present at the event.

  • West Bengal Chief Minister Flags Off Ratha Yatra in Kolkata

    Themed on the Vedic temple Chandrodaya Mandir, under construction in West Bengal's Mayapur town in Nadia district, about 135 km from here, the three chariots carrying the deities were pulled from Park Circus Maidan of south Kolkata to the Brigade Parade Ground in the center of the city.

  • Durban's Festival of Chariots Draws 200,000
    Organizers say the colourful Festival of Chariots on Durban's North Beach over the long weekend drew around 200,000 people to the promenade this weekend. ISKCON's Govinda Swami has told Newswatch the diversity of the crowd was inspiring.
  • Dates for 2013 Florida Ratha Yatras Have Been Announced
  • ISKCON Gurgaon's Ratha Yatra to Be Telecast Live Worldwide
    "It will cover nearly eight kilometers followed by cultural functions", said a member of the organising committee. "For the first time large and big LED screens would be installed in various parts of the city."
  • Jagannath Commutes on Buses to Invite Guests to His Festival in Philadelphia
    On Saturday, September 22nd, ISKCON Philadelphia is celebrating both Ratha Yatra and Radhastami combined. For the first time ever, several thousand festival-goers will have the unique opportunity to hand-pull three opulently decorated chariots of Sri Panca-tattva, Sri Sri Radha Sarad-vihari, and Sri Jagannatha Baladeva and Subhardra.
  • The Photo of the Summer 2012: The London Ratha Yatra

    The ISKCON Rathayatra procession rolls down London’s Piccadilly street in June, 2012. Photography taken by Sanatan Howchin.

  • Toronto’s Festival of India in Photos

    This year, celebrating its 40th anniversary, Festival of India hosted a series of public events from July 11th to 15th, with more unique features than ever. Here, ISKCON News takes a look at some of those highlights in photos.

  • Inspiring 7th Ratha Yatra Tour Hits Scandinavian Countries

    Not only was it very beneficial for the public but it was also another reason to bring the devotees from the Scandinavian countries together in service.

  • Thirty First Annual Jagananath Ratha Yatra at Baroda
    Muslim community leaders and members from Macchipeeth, Raopura, and Dudhwala gali near Nyaya Mandir, also greeted the Rathayatra, offering flower garlands to Their Lordships.
  • Toronto’s 40th Rathayatra Sees Young Devotees Bond in Service
    Back then they had heard Lord Jagannatha was sick, and that they were supposed to bring Him to the sea, where the fresh air would make Him feel better. So, putting the Deity of Jagannath on a makeshift chariot, a ragtag team of young devotees led Him through the Toronto neighborhood known as “The Beaches.”
  • Live Video Streaming from the Ratha Yatra in Puri
    On June 21, 2012, the ancient city on the Bay of Bengal, Puri is celebrating its world-famous annual Ratha Yatra festival. The Indian National Informatics Centre broadcasts the event through a live video streaming with Hindi and English language commentaries.
  • Kids to Celebrate Their Own Ratha Yatra in Vadodara
    Students from the age of five to twelve will haul the decorated rath with idols of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balram and Devi Subhadra at city-based Prince Ashokraje Gaekwad school.
  • The Bronx Welcomes Lord Jagannath With Open Arms
    For the third year in a row, residents of the Bronx, New York were fascinated by the appearance of Lord Jagannath in their Bronx Week Parade, held on Sunday May 20th.
  • London’s Ratha Yatra Echoes Olympic Spirit
    London’s 'Ratha-yatra’ Festival of Chariots returns to the streets of the British capital on Sunday 17th June 2012. The spirit of the Olympics–known for uniting nations will be echoed at this ancient festival. Festival-goers representing every continent of the world will come together to celebrate the spiritual unity that joins all nations.
  • Abhay Charan Dasa: The Man Behind the Chariots
    In North America, as we enter another summer of Rathayatras, there are of course many hardworking devotees we must thank for putting in the effort to make dozens of festivals happen all over the country.
  • Lord Jagannath Bestows His Mercy Upon Nairobi
    There were two sets of chariots for Lord Jagannath on the roads of Nairobi this year. One chariot was exclusively for the children, followed by the magnificent chariot of Lord Jagannath being pulled by adults.
  • The Blue Mountain Brings Fun and Growth to Durban Rathayatra
    The Blue Mountain—a spiritual wonderland for children at this year’s upcoming Rathayatra in Durban, South Africa—promises to absorb youngsters in Lord Jagannath’s service through endless fun experiences, craft activities and games.
  • Ludhiana Ratha Yatra: A Spectacle of Grandeur
    Some residents unanimously commented that their city had transformed into Vaikuntha due to the mercy of Lord Jagannath as every single soul in it seemed was endeavoring to please the Lord. Gopal Krishna Goswami described the response and participation of the public of Ludhiana in the Rathayatra festival as “the largest in the world”.
  • Hare Krishna: The Rise in Krishna Consciousness
    The arrival of the Toronto International Film Festival neatly heralds the end of the summer festival season in the city and Canada as a whole. However glamorous the parade of celebrities on the red carpet may seem, nothing quite compares to the peculiar sight of the Ratha Yatra in Toronto and across the country.
  • Los Angeles Ratha Yatra and Lord Balarama's Mischief
    The procession was moving along smoothly for about an hour when Lord Balabhadra suddenly decided to show His transcendental lila. At about 11 a.m., the chariot on which Lord Balarama was travelling broke down.
  • Thousands Celebrate the Rath Yatra at Houston`s India House
    Houston Rath Yatra was organized by Orissa Culture Center (OCC) partnered with ISKCON and joined by Sita Ram Foundation and other similar minded organizations of greater Houston.
  • ISKCON Kolkata Celebrates 40th Rath Yatra
    The theme of the Rath Yatra was Green & Clean. On this auspicious occasion ISKCON Kolkata pledged to plant 16,000 trees in the city. Messages were displayed everywhere urging people to save the environment. Banners, posters, T-shirts, stickers displayed the messages like: ‘Blue Lord Returns to the Green Paradise’.
  • Toronto Ratha Yatra’s Creative Campaign to go “Mainstream”
    The predominantly second-generation team behind the Toronto Ratha-Yatra festival is ambitious and creative in its promotion, and unswervingly dedicated to reaching beyond the devotee world into the mainstream.
  • Ratha Yatra: The Blockbuster is Coming to a Town Near You
    This summer’s biggest blockbuster is not a movie—it’s Ratha Yatra, The Festival of Chariots. And what does that mean? It means Lord Jagannath, the most merciful Lord of the Universe, is coming to a town near you very soon!
  • Due to Flooding New Orleans Ratha Yatra Postponed
    Due to the impending major flooding of the Mississippi River in and around New Orleans, the organizers been forced to cancel the Rathayatra Festival, scheduled for May 21 and 22.
  • Chanting, Dancing & Feasting. London’s Ancient Festival of Chariots
    London’s 'Ratha-yatra’ Festival of Chariots returns to the streets of the capital on Sunday 12th June 2011. London will be illuminated by the wonderful colours and sounds of the annual Hare Krishna festival, a vibrant celebration of Indian culture and spirituality in the city.
  • New Orleans Ratha Yatra
    This year the New Orleans Rath Yatra festival will be on May 21st, and 22nd, 2011. The featured artists are Surdas from Los Angeles and TK's NamRock Band. World renowned Indian Singer, Suresh Wadkar will perform live Bhajan Concert.
  • Live Streaming: Durban Ratha Yatra Festival
    Having first graced the Durban shoreline in December 1988, the Durban (South Africa) Ratha Yatra festival has grown from a two day event to a four day event and has relocated due to the increasing need to accommodate the over 40 exhibition and activity tents. On Easter weekend, more than a 100.000 visitors are expected.
  • Florida Ratha Yatras 2011
    The list of the Florida Ratha Yatras for 2011 has been announced,
  • March 26: Ratha Yatra Saint Augustine, Florida
    The Parade begins at 1 PM at the Plaza at St. George and Cathedral and returns there by 2:30 PM at which time the cultural program and free feast begin. The festival continues till 5 PM.
  • Krishna Worship and Rathayatra Festival in Ancient Egypt?
    In the typical depiction of Vishnu in Hindu iconography, the sacred river Ganges is always shown emerging from the toe of the Vishnu, while in Egypt, we find a very similar imagery associated with Amun. But who was this Amun?
  • Kanpur Ratha Yatra and Bhumi Puja
    On Monday February 7, 2011, there was a grand “Jagannath Rathayatra festival” at Kanpur, India. Srila Prabhupada had written seventeen letters wherein he stressed the necessity of ISKCON establishing a center and building a temple at Kanpur. ISKCON Kanpur now has twelve acres of land where the project will be developed.
  • Ratha Yatra in Ludhiana, India
    ISKCON Ludhiana, India, had its 15th annual Ratha Yatra on December 19, 2010. Thousands of devotees from India and abroad joined the festival of chariot.
  • Ratha Yatra in Candigarh and Panchkula, India
    The local chapter of International Society for Krishna Consciousness will hold a two-day Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra Festival from 27th November, 2010.
  • Invitation to the New Orleans Ratha Yatra
    ISKCON New Orleans invites all devotees and guests to join the annual Rath Yatra festival to be held on the 20th of November from 8 AM to 10 PM in Washington Park.
  • The Art of Organizing a Krishna Conscious Festival
    It wasn’t easy for me to organize such a huge festival in a town where there are only 25 - 30 Indian families.
  • Sydney Ratha Yatra: A Garland of Spiritual Devotion

    Sydney Australia: A garland of spiritual devotion weaved its way through the heart of Sydney today as the annual Sydney Ratha Yatra was celebrated by devotees and well wishers of Lord Krishna.

  • ISKCON Guyana Celebrates Deities' 25th Anniversary
    ISKCON Guyana last weekend celebrated the 25th Anniversary of their first installed Deities, Sri Sri Nitai Chaitanya Chandra, at the Gaura Nitai Ashirvad Mandir near the capital city of Georgetown.
  • The Rathayatra That Started Them All Comes to DVD
    As Rathayatra season comes to a close, devotees can immerse themselves in the one that started them all in ISKCON film-maker Vasudeva Dasa’s new English language version of his little-seen 1992 classic, Pulling Krishna Home.
  • Daytona Beach Rathayatra Succeeds Against All Odds
    The forecast said that there would be heavy thunderstorms on August 28th, the date set for the Rathayatra parade at Daytona Beach, Florida. But that didn't stop the Rathayatra team.
  • Nine Day Ratha Yatra in Guwahati, Assam
    From Tuesday July 13 on, Jagannatha Ratha Yatra was celebrated in Guwahati, Assam. In this remote corner of Northeast India devotees welcomed Lord Jaganatha with great excitement. For the first time, the festival lasted for nine days.
  • Twenty Ninth Annual Ratha Yatra Festival At Baroda
    On the auspicious day of “aashadh shukla dvitiya”, Tuesday, July 13, 2010, ISKCON Baroda organized and observed the Jagannath Ratha Yatra festival at Baroda, Gujarat, India. The local response to the festival has become almost “overwhelming”.
  • Fifty Thousand Pull The Ratha in Dhaka, Bangladesh
    The city of Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh witnessed an unprecedented turnout of devotees pouring in from all corners of the city and the country. Three chariots pulling Their Lordships by approximately a whopping fifty thousand devotees formed a huge procession that snaked its way through the main streets of Dhaka City.
  • Ratha Yatras Around The World
    Over the past two weeks, ISKCON devotees held several chariot festivals all over the world. Reports from Malaysia, India, Hungary and the USA.
  • Youth Organizers Focus on Outreach at Toronto Ratha Yatra
    With Ratha Yatra season in full swing and ISKCON devotees all over the world celebrating the ancient Chariot festival in honor of Jagannath, this month will see one of the largest events in North America—Toronto Ratha Yatra.
  • Moscow Ratha Yatra Promotes Healthy Lifestyle
    Last Sunday, visitors of Moscow`s Russian Exhibition Center encountered an unusual sight: a richly decorated chariot moving around in the flowery central park. The previous Ratha Yatra took place here exactly fifteen years ago, in the summer of 1995. This year, the ancient Indian Festival aimed to attract the attention of the people in Moscow to the importance of healthy life-style.
  • A British View of Ratha Yatra
    The British described Jagannath as “a frightful visage painted black, with a distended mouth of bloody horror.” It could hardly be expected that the British should have immediately fallen in love with Jagannath or worshiped him, but at least they could have investigated the meaning and philosophy behind him.
  • ISKCON Celebrates Annual Ratha-Yatra festival In Guyana, South America
    The Guyana chapter of ISKCON held its annual Ratha-Yatra festival in Georgetown on the 27th of June, with a Lord Jagannath parade through city streets, which culminated at the Merriman’s Mall with a cultural event.
  • ISKCON Youth: Worldwide Summer Programs
    Now in its fifteenth year, the annual youth festival bus tour around North America kicked off an exciting two months of travel, started on the 23rd of June. Over the summer, there will various exciting ISKCON youth programs throughout the world.
  • Yadunandana Dasi: Serving the Lord of the Universe
    As the huge chariot with its brilliant red canopy rolled up, Jagannatha sitting majestically upon it, Judith watched in awe, taking in the Lord to whom she would devote the rest of her life.
  • New Vrindavan Annual Country Ratha Yatra Festival
    The annual country Ratha-Yatra festival in New Vrindavan will be held Saturday July 10, beginning at 12:00 noon.
  • New York and London Kick off Ratha Yatra Season
    The month of June brings with it summer, sun and vacations—but it also brings Ratha Yatra season, during which the ancient chariot festival is held dozens of times all over the world.
  • European Ratha Yatra Festivals Update
    London Ratha-Yatra will be streamed live simultaneously on Mayapur TV and 20th of June 2010. The dates of European Ratha Yatra Festivals are announced.
  • Too Much Mercy in Jacksonville
    The original Ratha Yatra festival in Jagannath Puri in India follows a road close to the beach. But in Florida, the devotees take it one step farther. On Sunday June 6th, ISKCON of Alachua staged its sixth Ratha Yatra right on the sands of Jacksonville Beach. While the preparations for this year’s event were the grandest so far, however, the elements were less than cooperative.
  • Iskcon Boston Celebrates the 45th Anniversary of Srila Prabhupada’s Arrival

    The festival highlight is a visit to Boston’s Commonwealth Pier, where Srila Prabhupada first stepped ashore in the USA and a yacht cruise of Boston Harbour.

  • Making Space for a New Temple in Futuristic Lucknow
    On 15th May, ISKCON Lucknow celebrated a colorful Rathayatra, followed by Bhumi Puja (ceremony for inauguration of construction) on May 16 on the 5 acres of land that ISKCON has received from the Ansal Builders for a grand new temple.
  • Jacksonville Beach Ratha Yatra on Sunday, June 6
    The 6th Annual Festival of the Chariots and Ratha Yatra Parade will be held on the sands of Jacksonville Beach on Sunday, June 6.
  • Vendors/Entertainers Needed for Gita Nagari Ratha Yatra

    The special "country" Ratha Yatra will be held on July 31, 2010 from 10 am until 6 pm.

  • ISKCON Curitiba Brings the Master to Brazil's Planned City
    On Saturday, April 24th, Brazil’s model master-planned city, Curitiba, held its 6th annual Ratha Yatra festival, after a week-long build-up of advertising and smaller events.
  • ISKCON Youth "Krishna Culture Festival Tour" across the USA and Canada
    Applications now being accepted from ISKCON youth ages 16 - 25 for the 15,000-mile Krishna Culture Festival Tour across the United States and Canada, June 23 through August 23, 2010.
  • ISKCON San Diego Adds A Spiritual Spin to Earth Day
    Sunday April 18, ISKCON devotees will join San Diego’s Earth Day parade, one of the biggest in the U.S., for their 14th year in a row.
  • Anxiety Turns to Sweetness As Ratha Yatra Hits Durban
    On April 2nd—Good Friday—the colorful spiritual carnival that is Ratha Yatra transformed the streets of Durban, South Africa for the 22nd time, as Jagannath, the Lord of the Universe, bestowed his mercy upon citizens for four consecutive days.
  • Lord Jagannatha Glances Over Tallahassee
    Devotees tow the Lord through the 42nd Springtime Tallahassee Festival
  • Visual Feast in Florida
    On March 20, Hare Krishnas took to the narrow streets of the Nation’s Oldest City for the fifth annual Festival of the Chariots — a celebration of love, life and God.
  • The Oldest City in the US Meets Its Maker
    On March 20th, ISKCON of Alachua hosted a Ratha Yatra in the historic city of St. Augustine, Florida for the fifth time. This year, however, both the organizers and the city made some strategic changes. Whereas the event has previously been held in August, a suggestion by Tamohara Dasa, an ISKCON Alachua Board member after last year’s installment, resulted in its new March date, during peak tourist season.
  • ISKCON Ahmedabad Double Rathayatra Honors Lord Rama
    Two Rathayatras organized by ISKCON Ahmedabad, India on Friday March 19 and Saturday March 20 saw the Ratha cart carry deities of Sita, Rama, Lakshman and Hanuman as well as the more traditional Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra deities.
  • Hindu New Year Marked by Ratha Yatra in Solapur

    ISKCON Solapur held its annual Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra on Tuesday, 16th March 2010 coinciding with the celebration of the first day of the Hindu New Year. Solapur is located in the state of Maharashtra, India, about 10 hours southeast of Mumbai by train. Thousands of the 1.4 Million citizens of Solapur lined the streets of their city to receive their Lordship. Along the route colorful welcome gates had been erected and regularly the cart had to stop for receptions of fruits and flowers offerings. Bands and firecrackers resounded along with the traditional kirtan reverberation.

  • Part Bollywood Glitz, Part Other-Worldly Bliss
    It may represent the grand, horse-drawn chariot of Lord Jagganatha, a form of the Indian deity Krishna, but rules are rules on Sydney roads.
  • Miami Observes Successful Rathyatra After More Than a Decade
    The four-day festival brings color to Coconut Grove.
  • ISKCON Mumbai Celebrates 30th Annual Rathayatra
    Leaders and devotees from throughout India and the world participated in the milestone event.
  • Pandharpur Celebrates First Ever Rathayatra

    Over one thousand devotees attended a ceremony for installing impressions of the sacred feet of Lord Chaitanya, his associate Nityananda Prabhu and his brother Shri Vishwarupa in Pandharpur, India this January 14th.

  • Ludhiana’s 14th Annual Ratha-Yatra Packs City Streets
    ISKCON held its 14th annual Ratha-Yatra festival in Ludhiana, Punjab this December 19th.

    Thousands of devotees from India and around the world attended the chanting parade, which covered five kilometers and was welcomed by people from many cross-sections of society.

  • ISKCON Youth Pack Ludhiana with Scooters for Lord Jagannatha
    Five hundred locals and members of the ISKCON Youth Forum (IYF) held a huge “Scooter Rally” on the streets of Ludhiana, Punjab last weekend to promote the upcoming Ratha Yatra festival on December 19.
  • New Orleans Sees First Ratha Yatra Since 1985
    The city of New Orleans, no stranger to color and festivity with its annual Mardi Gras celebrations, will see a very different kind of festival this November 21st.
  • Puri Priests Assault Two ISKCON Pilgrims
    PURI: Two Iskcon devotees from Singapore and Australia were allegedly shoved out of the Jagannath temple on Thursday by a group of priests, for in their view, the visitors are non-Hindus. The priests reportedly nudged and even kicked the foreigners, who claimed themselves to be Hindus.
  • Los Angeles Ratha Yatra Festival a Big Draw
    LOS ANGELES, CA - The Temple of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) at Watseka Avenue here, just off Venice Blvd. conducted its 33rd Annual Festival of the Chariots Parade on August 2, which started at the Santa Monica Civic auditorium and ended on Venice Beach.
  • Joy and Bliss of Ratha Yatra in San Francisco

    On Saturday, July 25, 2009; ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) Berkeley Hare Krishna Temple celebrated Ratha Yatra (Festival of Chariots) in the Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. ISKCON of Silicon Valley (ISV) located in San Jose collaborated in the celebration.

    The Ratha Yatra with three chariots of Lord Jagannatha, Lady Subhadra, and Lord Baladeva respectively started in the afternoon from Transverse and JFK Drive. The colorful chariots were gloriously decorated.

  • Strike Won't Dampen ISKCON Toronto's Devotion
    Organizers for the Festival of India had to dig deeper into festival funds after several hiccups caused by the ongoing Toronto city workers' strike pushed them off Centre Island. "This has hit us hard financially," said the festival's chairperson, Krishna Sharma yesterday. "Suddenly we had to reorganize a brand new festival in about two weeks time."
  • ISKCON New Govardhana Holds Ratha Yatra Uphill

    New Govardhana is an ISKCON farm at Eungella near Murwillumbah in Northern New South Wales, Australia. Each year the devotees at New Govardhana hold a Ratha Yatra festival and many other devotees and well wishers come from all over the region to join in the celebration.

  • Festival of the Chariots Rides into Montreal
    Montreal, Canada: You can bet that any festival that has been celebrated for thousands of years has a lot of life in it. Plus, what could be better than free curry and pointers on reincarnation? A mini version of the Festival of the Chariot, known as Ratha Yatra in India, takes place all this weekend, starting with a big parade on Saturday at 11 a.m. at the corner of Sherbrooke and St-Laurent and settling down on Sunday in Jeanne-Mance Park.
  • Ratha Yatra in London's Trafalgar Square Attracts Thousands
    On Sunday 28th June London’s Ratha-yatra returned to the streets of the British capital. London was illuminated by the wonderful colours and sounds of the festival, a vibrant celebration of Vaishnava culture and spirituality in the city.
  • Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Ratha Yatra 2009
  • London Ratha Yatra Emerges Unaffected After Police Negotiations

    Despite proposed changes and fees, London’s 41st Ratha Yatra (Chariot Festival) will be held this June 28 on the streets of the British capital without any modifications from previous years, after extensive negotiations with government and police. Police have offered their traffic management and security services free to the parade for the past forty years.

  • ISKCON Baroda's Ratha Yatra a Grand Success

    On Wednesday, June 24, 2009, ISKCON Baroda's 28th annual Jagannath Rathayatra Mahotsav, aka “Festival of the Chariots”, was observed in the usual grand manner.

    Baroda Mayor and recently elected Member of Parliament, Sri Balkrishna Shukla, inaugurated the procession by sweeping the road in front of the Lord's Rath (Chariot) with a golden handled broom, following the age old tradition of the Maharajah of Puri, at the Baroda Railway Station at 2:30 PM, on Wednesday, June 24, 2009, which corresponds to the auspicious day of “Aashadh shukla dvitiyaa” (the second day of the fortnight of the waxing moon in the month of “Aashadh” on the Hindu calendar).

  • Baroda Ratha Yatra Concludes Peacefully Amidst Heavy Security

    Vadodara (Baroda), India: Police heaved a sigh of relief after the Jagannath rath yatra concluded peacefully on Wednesday night at the ISKCON Temple. Having received intelligence input about a possible terror attack during the yatra, city police were on tenterhooks and had made stringent security measures on the entire route.

  • Ratha Yatra Amterdam 2009

    It's with great pleasure that we, ISKCON Amsterdam, are hereby extending to you our heartfelt invitation to this year's Ratha Yatra Festival in Amsterdam (Holland) on Sunday the 19th of July 2009. As many of you probably know, Amsterdam enjoys worldwide fame. The preaching potential out here is tremendous!

  • Baltimore Mayor Proclaims Hare Krishna Ratha Yatra Day
    Baltimore’s Mayor, Sheila Dixon, has named May 30, 2009 as “Hare Krishna Ratha Yatra Day” in a glowing proclamation. “The City of Baltimore celebrates its diverse community and has respect for all groups who have chosen to make this city their home,” writes the Mayor in the official document.
  • South Africa Experiences 21 Years of Jagannatha's Festival
    Durban, South Africa – To those of the Christian faith, Easter represents the day Jesus was resurrected from the dead. For many Christians, it is a time for celebration and a time for feasting. Much like the Christians, Easter also represents a time for celebration for members of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) in Durban, South Africa, but for a different reason. For the past 21 years, ISKCON Durban has held its annual Ratha Yatra festival over the course of Easter weekend.
  • Dallas Hare Krishna Parade and Festival Set for April 25

    Kalachandji's Hare Krishna Temple of Dallas, Texas, will conduct its annual "Jagannatha Ratha Yatra" Parade and Festival on Saturday, April 25th, 2009. The parade will leave from the front of the Temple at 1:00 p.m. from the front of the Temple which is located at 5430 Gurley Avenue, near 1-30 and East Grand Avenue.

  • ISKCON Chennai Holds Ratha Yatra
    The entrance to Kapaleeshwarar temple in Mylapore turned into a sea of humanity, as the devout Hindus turned up to pay obeisance to Lord Jagannath on the occasion of the annual Ratha-yatra organised by ISKCON on Tuesday.
  • Lord Jagannatha Invited to Largest Festival in Australia
    Lord Jagannatha made his dramatic appearance for the first time at the annual Woodford Folk Festival in Australia this past December 27 to January 1. With an attendance of over 130,000, Woodford, held on a 360-acre parkland one hour north of Brisbane, is one of the largest folk festivals in the world.
  • 4,000 Participate in Penang, Malaysia's Ratha Yatra
    ABOUT 4,000 devotees took part in the annual Ratha Yatra (Chariot Festival) organised by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Penang, Malaysia recently. The procession, which included two main chariots bearing the deities of Lord Jaganath (Lord of the Universe), Goddess Subadhra Devi and Lord Balarama, and a smaller chariot of Nitai Gauranga, left the Wisma Nattukottai in New Lane at 5.15pm.
  • Rathayatra Celebrated in Ludhiana, Punjab
    The unmistakable red and yellow canopy of Lord Jagannath’s Rathayatra cart paraded through Ludhiana, Punjab this November 15th. Teams of congregational members swept in front of the cart with golden brooms, while children dressed as Krishna and his gopi girlfriends performed classical stick dances. Thousands of devotees danced and chanted down the streets, which were etched with ornate chalk patterns. The parade lasted all day, covering the six kilometer route in eight hours.
  • Puri Protestors Burn Effigy of Srila Prabhupada
    On Tuesday the 11th of November, priests and cultural enthusiasts affiliated with the extremist group Sri Jagannath Sebayat Sammilani protested the timing of ISKCON’s Ratha Yatra festivals by burning an effigy of ISKCON Founder-Acarya His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in front of the main entrance of the ancient Jagannatha temple in Puri, India.
  • Lord Jagannatha Strolls Through Delhi Streets

    Hundreds of devotees belonging to the International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) took out a procession of Lord Jagannath in New Delhi on Monday. The procession or yatra was similar to the famous traditional Ratha Yatra (chariot festival) of Lord Jagannath, held in Puri District of Orissa every year.

  • Ratha Yatra Rolls Through Manchester England
    HUNDREDS of Hare Krishna devotees celebrated the festival of Rathayatra over the weekend. The devotees from across the UK descended into Manchester's Cathedral Gardens where they played devotional music.
  • Festival of Chariots Fills Calgary with Song, Dance

    Calgary's Hindus celebrated the most famous of India's festivals, the Rath Yatra Festival or Festival of Chariots, on Sept. 6. Celebrated for hundreds of years in India, it one of the oldest celebrations in the world. Millions of people arrive every year to Jagannath Puri, in eastern India, to pull the chariot on which the idols of Lord Jagannath, his brother Balabhadra and his sister Subhadra are seated.

  • Sun Shines for Krishna Devotees' Dublin Festival

    Over 800 people sat in the unexpected sunshine of St Stephen's Green in Dublin yesterday to witness the spectacle that was Rathayatra, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness' festival. Events began at Parnell Square where the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Cllr Eibhlín Byrne, started the festival procession by sweeping the ground in front of the chariot, which contained a likeness of Lord Krishna.

  • Festival of the Chariots Lights Up Leicester

    Once again the Hindu festival of Rathayatra was celebrated in style by Leicester revelers, but with more chariots than before. Listen to find out what the festival is all about...

    The annual Ratha Yatra chariot festival was bigger and better than in previous years with three sumptuously decorated chariots being wheeled from Leicester's Clocktower to Cossington Park in Belgrave.

  • Paris City Officials Support 2008 Ratha Yatra Festival
    Lord Jagannath blessed the city of Paris with His Ratha Yatra festival for the eighteenth year on July 6th, 2008. A dense maze of government beauraucracy in previous years encouraged devotees to personally approach police officers and city officials six months in advance for permission this year.
  • Jamshedpur Celebrates Second Annual Ratha Yatra
    This year, the city of Jamshedpur in Jharkhand, India, saw the world-famous Ratha Yatra festival parade down its streets for the second time. The deities of Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra were as glorious and colorful as ever, blessing enthusiastic onlookers and devotees alike.
  • The Toronto Tunnel - 'Nuff Said!
    TORONTO, ON - After almost 40 years of Ratha-Yatras in North America, a distinct challenge has arisen with respect to how to promote these festivals in new and creative ways. For many devotees, Ratha-Yatra is equated with radiant colours, resounding vibrance, exciting exhibits and entertainment showcasing the beautiful Vaishnava culture. But from a marketing perspective, argue some devotees, perhaps our messaging has become a bit repetitive.
  • 27th Annual Baroda Rathayatra Held on July 4th
    For Americans, the fourth of July is the day they gained independence, a day for celebration, a day for reveling in their patriotism. Spirituality is rarely part of the proceedings. But this year, the fourth of July seems blessed. In Washington D.C., ISKCON devotees joined the Independence Day parade, singing the Hare Krishna mantra and pulling Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra—deity forms of God—on their classic Ratha Yatra cart.
  • Moscow Celebrates First Ratha Yatra in Nine Years
    Russian ISKCON devotees celebrated Ratha Yatra in Moscow this June eighth for the first time in nine years. Held in conjunction with The Beatles And India festival in Gorky Park, the program featured a parade of the chariots along with a concert of popular Moscow groups covering Beatles’ songs. An impressive chariot was built for the deity of Jagannatha, the Lord of the Universe.
  • Indian Sights Bring Delight to Sydney Residents

    One of the oldest and most important Indian celebrations was held in the Liverpool CBD [Sydney, Australia] last Saturday when about 4000 people attended Rathayatra, the Festival of Chariots.

    It was the second year the festival had been held in Liverpool and organisers said it could become an annual event.

  • Ratha Yatra Part of July 4th Festivities
    Washington, D.C. – Dubbed “America’s official birthday party,” the National Independence Day Parade, held on the Fourth of July, attracts more than three hundred thousand spectators each year. This year, the Washington D.C. Chapter of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) was again invited to join the procession, adding an authentic Indian chariot, deities of Lord Krishna, and devotees dressed in traditional dhotis and saris.
  • Ratha Yatra Celebrated in West Bengal
    Kolkata (PTI): The Rathayatra of Lord Jagannth was celebrated here on Friday with Information and Broadcasting minister Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi flagging off the brightly painted chariots with the ritual of sweeping the road with a golden broom.


  • Krishna Carnival Lights up London
    The streets of London are used to seeing juggernaughts rumbling through their streets, but this was a very different kind of heavy traffic. It was a riot of colour in the heart of the capital - three 40-foot-high wooden chariots pulled from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square, accompanied by a colourful crowd singing, chanting and dancing their way along the route.
  • Deaf Tourists See Signs of Devotion at London Rathayatra
    When a large group of deaf tourists took a guided tour through Trafalgar Square this June 22nd, they never expected to not only chance upon an ancient Vedic festival, but be explained its meaning in detail. Intrigued by the colorful chariots and tents of London’s annual Rathayatra festival, they had come over only to take a look. Naturally, they didn’t expect anyone to be able to explain it to them.
  • Jagannath Temple Authorities Worry About ‘Incongruous Show’

    Rath yatra is a few days away and the entire city of Jagannatha Puri, Orissa, India is gearing up for the festival billed for July 4. But Jagannath Temple authorities are worried about ‘incongruous celebrations’ organized by ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) on different days across the country. In 2007, the institution organized rath yatras in October and December instead of the official dates in June.

  • New Vrindaban's Country Rathyatra on Saturday July 12th

    New Vrindaban Community wishes to invite family, friends and well wishers to New Vrindaban's Country Rathyatra on Saturday July 12th beginning at 11 am up on the Ridge past the Palace across from Nityo Dita's log siding-palace...come rain or shine we will pull the Lord in His rathyatra chariot!

  • Ratha Yatra Rolls Down New York

    New York City – On Saturday, June 14, 2008, more than five thousand Krishna devotees, guests, and festival-goers braved scattered thunderstorms and downpours to attend the annual Ratha Yatra (Festival of the Chariots) parade and Festival of India. The all-day event, put on by the New York chapter of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), began with a colorful procession of three 40-foot high traditional Indian chariots, bearing sacred images of Lord Jagannatha, Baladeva, and Subhadra Devi, pulled by hand down the world-famous Fifth Avenue.

  • Fifteen Newspapers Cover First Solapur Rathayatra
    On April 6, Lord Jagannatha’s chariot parade rolled out on the streets of Solapur, Maharastra, India for the first time. Thousands packed the streets, watching as devotees pulled the ropes of Jagannatha’s cart, waved flags, danced and chanted the Hare Krishna mantra.
  • Durban, South Africa: Festival of Full Tummies
    First-time, non-HareKrishna attendees at this year's spectacular Festival of the Chariots would have been amazed to find that they could join a queue and receive a generous portion of savoury breyani, tinged with the unique flavour of woodsmoke, completely free.
  • Durban Ratha Festival Attracts Quarter Million Attendees
    Tens of thousands of Hare Krishna movement devotees across the country celebrated the festival of chariots today. The festival started in India and dates back thousands of years. The main event was held in Durban today, and was hosted by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.
  • Transcendental Hootenanny Set to Hit America
    Dallas ISKCON devotees have christened their new festival tour of popular parades the "Transcendental Hootenanny." Originating in 2007 as a simple float for their chanting party to ride on in the local St. Patrick's Day parade, the idea soon evolved into a major event that will hit ten parades annually in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.
  • A Carpenter for Krishna's Chariot

    Every July in Orissa, outside a sleepy little town called Paradeep, everyone gets ready for the annual chariot (ratha) festival of Lord Jagannath. This town's ratha traditions are entirely different from those followed by the more famous ratha at Puri, where only Hindus are allowed to participate and pull the chariot.

  • Puri Temple Creates Row Over ISKCON Ratha Yatras
    A Ratha Yatra parade festival in Delhi resonated all the way to Puri in Orissa. There the devotees say that the Jagannatha Ratha Yatra recently organised by ISKCON in Delhi is untimely.
  • First Ratha Yatra Held in the Czech Republic
    The first Ratha Yatra in the Czech Republic was held in Brno on September 27 this year. Brno in southeast Czech is the second-largest city in the country and has over 380,000 inhabitants. With perfect weather throughout day the parade lasted three hours.
  • NY Ratha Yatra Among Few 5th Avenue Parades Allowed
    New York City – New York Ratha Yatra, a popular Hare Krishna festival held along Manhattan’s posh Fifth Avenue, is among fifteen “traditional annual Fifth Avenue parades” that will be allowed to continue despite new measures to limit processions down the street, according to Virginia Waters, senior counsel in the city’s law division.
  • Jagannatha Appears in Chicago Parade
    CHICAGO, Illinois – Devotees from around the United States gathered to perform the public singing of the holy names and pull Lord Jagannath’s chariot as part of a parade in Chicago on August 11. More than 1.5 million spectators lined the streets as the parade wound its way through the south of the city.
  • ISKCON: Joyful Devotees Parade Through Baltimore
    Chanting "Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna," hundreds of believers of the Hindu sect dragged a crimson 30-foot-high chariot cloaked in sunflowers, carnations and roses. Wrapped in colorful clothing, they marched down Light Street yesterday afternoon and ended in the Inner Harbor, stalling traffic and drawing curious stares.
  • ISKCON: Mangalore Celebrates Ratha Yatra Festival

    By Team Mangalorean/

    Photographs by RK Bhat


    MANGALORE: The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) held its fourth annual Jagannatha Rathayatra in Mangalore on March 23.