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  • Pope Francis Names Washington Archbishop Wilton Gregory First African American Cardinal

    Gregory is one of 13 cardinals in the new class Francis announced Sunday, a promotion that comes as he is trying to rebuild trust in an archdiocese rocked by sexual abuse cases.

  • New ISKCON Temple to Open On Outskirts of Rome

    A new ISKCON temple is set to open in the historic town of Velletri in the Castelli Romani hills, Italy, about an hour south of Rome city center.

  • The Vatican’s Message for Diwali

    The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue has sent a Diwali message for Hindus all over the world entitled as Christians and Hindus: In Defense of the Vulnerable of Society.

  • Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Gets Political in New Book

    Retired pope illustrates the relationship between faith and politics in highly anticipated new book that features a foreword from Pope Francis.

  • ISKCON Italy Participates at a Conference in Parliament

    ISKCON Italy’s Narada Muni Das (Fabio Pianigiani) participated at a conference held in the Italian Parliamanet celebrating the bi-centennary of Baha’u’llah.

  • Religious Freedom in Danger in Russia: A Cause for Concern in Europe

    A seminar, held on September 26th, 2017, in Italy’s House of Parliament, at the Sala del Refettorio, and organized in co-operation with MP Lacquaniti, has discussed the problems of religious freedom in Russia, a cause of serious concern in Europe.

  • Message for the Hindus for the Feast of Depavali

     Cardinal Tauran writes “As Christians and Hindus, may we join all people of good will in supporting marriage and family life, and inspiring families to be schools of hope."

  • Italian Parliament Celebrates ISKCON 50th

    On October 4th, in Rome, Italy, an extraordinary event took place at the House of Representatives of the Italian Parliament. The opportunity for ISKCON to acquire national visibility in such an important setting is a huge step towards to finally officially recieve the status of a "religious movement" from the Italian government along with the rights to maintain chaplancies in hospitals and schools, to be exempt from some taxes, and to receive tax donations. 

  • Chanting Hare Krishna at the Parliament in Rome

    Chanting Hare Krishna at the Italian Parliament in Rome for the 50th anniversary of ISKCON in October, 2016.

  • Italian Parliament to Host ISKCON 50 Conference

    “Last year, this was just a dream of mine, but I was confident that Krishna would help me find a way to do something relevant for this historical anniversary,” says Villa Vrindavana President Parabhakti Das. “Sure enough, my dear friend Narada Muni Prabhu, a famous musician who is well acquainted with many influential people, came along and offered his help and that opened the doors to the Parliament.”

  • Italy Launches ISKCON 50 Celebrations in Rome

    Italy’s ISKCON 50th anniversary celebrations commenced on November 25th, 2015 with the planting of a sacred Banyan tree in Piazza Vittorio in Rome. 

  • What are Three Hare Krishna Doing at the Vatican?

    By Rome Reports.

  • Fabrizio Mastroianni Choir Sings Brahma Samhita

    An angellic-looking choir, trained by the famous Italian Gregorian chanter, Fabrizio Mastroianni, sing Gregorian, Hebrew and Sanskrit (Govindam Adi Purusham) chants at the opening ceremony of the Bhaktivedanta Institute's international conference, Life And Its Origin, at the Protomoteca Hall, Rome. November 12th 2004.

  • ISKCON Devotees Attend Rome Environmental Convergence

    Young religious environmental leaders from around the world, including four ISKCON devotees, attended an environmental “convergence” and march in Rome at the end of June. The event was put on by Our Voices, a New Jersey based international organization created to encourage religious communities to put pressure on political leaders for the upcoming 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.

  • ISKCON Organizes First Diwali at Rome City Hall

    Devotees headed by ISKCON Communications director for Italy Parabhakti Das organized and participated in the Diwali celebrations at Rome’s City Hall on October 23rd, with positive results. “If Brussels is the diplomatic capital of Europe, Rome is its capital from the religious and cultural point of view,” Parabhakti says. “So it is important that our movement is well represented and clearly visible in this world-famous city.”

  • Maradona Among Stars in Interfaith Peace Soccer Match in Rome

    Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist players, including Israel's Tomer Hemed, take part in game endorsed by Pope.

  • 9 Days Historic Rama Katha in Rome

    Following the start of Morari Bapu’s historic Ram Katha in Rome, Bapu was invited to meet Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, the President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue .

  • Pope Dives Into Mideast Peace With Prayer Summit

    Pope Francis plunged into Mideast peace-making Sunday, welcoming the Israeli and Palestinian presidents to the Vatican for a remarkable evening of peace prayers.

  • First Ever Rome Rathayatra Opens the Door for More

    Since the first Italian Rathayatra in Viareggio, Tuscany in 1981, the ancient parade festival has been celebrated at least once a year in cities such as Florence, Milan, and Verona. But there hasn’t been a Rathayatra in Italy’s renowned capital, Rome, until this May. Spurring devotees on was the fact that May 2014 was the 40th anniversary of Srila Prabhupada’s visit in 1974 to Rome, where he stayed for one week.

  • Glimpses into the First Ever Rome Ratha Yatra Festival

    Italian devotees danced for joy down the streets of Rome, looking up at Lord Jagannath’s colorful chariot as they celebrated the first ever Rathayatra festival in their capital on May 31st, 2104.

  • A Singing Nun for a Reality TV World

    A young women becomes a nun. She travels to Brazil to work with poor children and then returns to Italy to live quietly in a convent in Milan. Now she is the star of Italy’s version of the TV show “The Voice.”

  • Pope's Marriage Recipe: 'Please, Thanks, Sorry'

    Francis joked that we all make mistakes: "The perfect family doesn't exist, nor the perfect husband nor wife. Let's not even talk about the perfect mother-in-law!"

  • ISKCON Italy Plans First Ever Rathayatra in Rome

    Rathayatra in Rome is also expected to benefit ISKCON on an international level. “Especially for religion and interfaith, I think that Rome is one of the most important places in the world,” Parabhakti Das says. 

  • Pope Calls Despairing Single Pregnant Mom

    Pope Francis seems to be calling just about everyone. Mostly recently, he called a women encouraging her to drop the idea of abortion.