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  • Russian Sadhu Sanga Festival Kicks Off as 5,000 Devotees Flood to Black Sea

    A popular vacation spot in the south of Russia, Jubga is bordered on one side by lush greenery and on the other by the picturesque Black Sea. It has been the site of Sadhu Sanga for the past five years, although the festival was launched over two decades ago.

  • Mayapur Sanga of ISKCON Sannyasis, Gurus and GBCs - Day Two

    On Day One of the ISKCON sannyasis and gurus in Mayapu,r participants explored ISKCON’s past, examining the trends in and influences on ISKCON. Following from that, on the second day participants began to look at ISKCON’s present. The meeting’s facilitator’s started with a question: How well do the four groups in the room  address the trends in ISKCON.