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  • ISKCON’s First Rathayatra Returns to San Francisco

    The San Francisco Rathayatra, ISKCON’s first, returned on August 14th after missing the year 2020 due to the pandemic, with a bright and colorful celebration for the Lord of the Universe at Golden Gate Park.

  • Lil’ Krishna Kidz Annual Festival, San Francisco Bay Area

    Lil’ Krishna Kidz is a spiritual enrichment program that offers Krishna Conscious teaching and activities to kids in a fun-filled atmosphere.

  • Four Days with the Walking Monk

    “Hey do you guys want a ride?”  So asked a friendly driver as he pulled to the side of the road along the rolling hills 50 miles east of San Francisco. He’d spotted the Walking Monk in his saffron robes strolling down the pavement towards him. He was curious and inclined to help. 

  • Mukunda Goswami Shares Memories On 50th Anniversary of Mantra-Rock Dance

    On Sunday January 29th in a special program at the New Govardhana Farm in Murwillambah, Australia, Mukunda Goswami shared memories of the Mantra-Rock Dance he helped organize fifty years ago on January 29th 1967. The Mantra-Rock Dance concert was a key event in both ISKCON’s early growth and in the counterculture scene of the time, and commemorating it is an important part of ISKCON’s 50th anniversary celebrations. 

  • San Francisco International Airport Introduces Yoga Room
    Stressed out by flying? Travelers in Northern California can now find their inner calm in the Yoga Room at San Francisco International Airport. The quiet, dimly lit studio officially opened last week in a former storage room just past the security checkpoint at SFO's Terminal 2.
  • The Mantra Rock Dance Festival On Wikipedia Again
    On January 29, Sunday (midnight UK time, 7pm New York time on January 28), Wikipedia features on its front page under the "On this day" section the 45th anniversary of the Mantra-Rock Dance event in San Francisco.
  • Vaishnava Scholars a Strong Presence at American Academy of Religion

    There was a strong attendance by Vaishnava scholars at this year’s Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, held from November 19th to 22nd in San Francisco.

  • Hare Krishna 1967 - San Francisco

    Comment by Mukunda Goswami:

    “I was responsible for popularizing this Hare Krishna melody. A group of us recorded it in 1967 in Oakland, California (USA), and when the 45 rpm record was printed, we played it for Srila Prabhupada. It contained cascading sitar embellishments. Srila Prabhupada approved.”