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  • Second Gen Devotee Participates In U.N. Youth Assembly

    Brinda Raval, 21, is offering an inspirational example of how young ISKCON devotees can engage with today’s global concerns. “I’m very interested in social justice issues, and how as a devotee and a spiritual person I can use that to serve,” says Brinda. Through a rigorous application process, Brinda was recently accepted to attend the UN Summer Youth Assembly at the UN Headquarters in New York City.

  • The Sanga Initiative Inspires ISKCON Leaders of the Future

    "Our goal is to become steadfast in our Krishna consciousness and in our lives, so that we can one day successfully run the Hare Krishna Movement.”

  • New Alachua Initiative to Unlock Community’s Full Potential

    Members in New Raman Reti, Florida -- ISKCON's largest community in the Western World -- are launching an ambitious attempt to unlock its full potential.

  • Toronto Rathayatra Inspires Second Gen Leadership

    Growing every year in size and popularity under a second generation team, Toronto Rathayatra has inspired younger devotees to take on more and more leadership in their community, and senior devotees to hand more and more to them. Today, the festival is put on by thirty-two younger devotees from high school kids to thirty-somethings, heading up twenty different departments.

  • Australia: What Happened to the 1st and 2nd Generation Hare Krishnas?

    "The Hare Krishna's First Second and Third Generation. Where are they Now?" On Australian TV Show "Compass".

  • ISKCON’s Second Generation on Initiation: Part 2
    On September 25th, ISKCON Youth Ministry’s long-serving Manu and Jaya Radhe—now Manorama Dasa and Jaya Sri Radhe Dasi— were given Harinama initiation by Sacinandana Swami, prompting a discussion on the second generation’s approach to this important step in a devotee’s life.
  • As More Take Initiation, Second Generation Looks Deeper
    Is ISKCON’s second generation, which has been historically more hesitant about taking the step of initiation, now taking up the torch? Does it answer the question that currently concerns many of our senior members and leaders of who will succeed them and manage ISKCON when they are gone?
  • Grassroots Harinama Revolution Takes off in Australia
    Since the passing of Aindra Dasa earlier this year, many second generation Australian devotees seem to have taken up the karatals and added fuel to the fire of the kirtan revolution.
  • G’day Mate: Welcome to Kulimela Down Under
    Kulimela—a meeting of ISKCON youth and second generation devotees that has taken off around the world—is coming to Australia. Starting December 27th, Kulimela Australia will be held at the Hare Krishna farm community of New Govardhana in northern New South Wales, on Australia’s east coast.