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  • Acid Test

    Periodically, we'll all be confronted with situations where people are oblivious to our sacrifices, unappreciative of our endeavours, and seemingly unimpressed with our contributions. People may even misunderstand our purpose and cuttingly criticise us.

  • Risky Business

    Spiritual life is risky business. Throughout history, we see how distinguished saints pushed the comfort zone, embraced uncertainty, and voluntarily accepted highly precarious situations.

  • Slow Progress

    Over the years I’ve managed to keep a journal with some daily thoughts and reflections. Today I looked back to read my entry on 21st February 2003. It was disappointing. The exact same character frailties, unhelpful desires and spiritual blocks I had then, are still affecting me now. It can be disheartening to see a lack of transformation and progress, and naturally calls one to question themselves.

  • Beings and Things - The Story of Love

    A short film of wisdom by

  • Can of Worms

    The external reorganization of our life and the internal cleansing of our consciousness need not be mutually exclusive activities. Like train tracks, they can coexist side-by-side. As we progressively reengineer our lifestyle, we can simultaneously intensify our spirituality.

  • No Man`s Land

    We may walk away from the material world, philosophically recognizing the futility of the temporary pleasures that are on offer there. However, the spiritual world and all its fulfillment seem far away. Thus, aspiring spiritualists can find themselves stuck in a no man's land.