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Articles tagged as Stress

  • Ways to Cope

    Where do we go and what do we do for shelter and for relief?

  • In a Pandemic Is There a Secret of Health?

    In this unprecedented period in the world’s history where health has been come a constant source of concern, a pure devotee can give us some secrets of health.

  • Timeless Possessions

    Last week, a friend requested some ancient insights on stress management. Gita to-the-rescue again.

  • Three Ways to Increase Your Energy Level Through Yoga

    The day-to-day practice of yoga gives the much-needed energy boost that powers the practitioners for the rest of the day.

  • The Abnormal Normal

    Mental health problems have become mainstream.

  • How To Defeat Stress? - by Anuttama Dasa

    Elaborating on the verse 2.70 from the Bhagavad-gita Anuttama Dasa explains what ancient wisdom suggests about how to defeat stress, one of the most common diseases of the modern world. A video by Karuna Productions.

  • Pressing Pause During Stress

    We cause ourselves lots of stress and anxiety by needlessly thinking about the difficulties of the past and worrying about things that may never happen. This video will help understand this phenomena and how to press stop when I mind goes out of control. Please enjoy and share! website:

  • Understanding the Clutter of the Mind

    Everyday, we are being bombarded by tens of thousands of impressions. All of these impressions can clutter the mind. When we get a better understanding of where most of our stress is coming from, we will be able to reduce or eliminate it. A video by Gadadhara Pandit.

  • How to Stop Stressing Out & Losing our Cool at Work

    A recent article published by Scientific American suggests, “Meditation can decrease stress, lower blood pressure, and lift one’s mood.” With increasing competition and demands in the workplace, mindfulness is more relevant than ever.

  • Timeless Possessions

     Whether its shoes, gadgets, clothes or cars, most things I buy seem to break down, play up or fall apart, costing me a small fortune in the process! One acquisition, however, that has stood the test of time, is the wisdom of the Bhagavad-gita.

  • 6 Herbs for Anxiety and Stress Relief

    While some might turn to prescriptions or over-the-counter aid, there are multiple natural remedies that can help, many of which have been used for thousands of years.

  • Harvard Neuroscientist: Meditation Not Only Reduces Stress, Here’s How It Changes Your Brain

    "Mindfulness is just like exercise. It’s a form of mental exercise."

  • The Bhagavad-gita Saves Lives - A Book Distribution Story

    One of the most astonishing miracles of placing Bhagavad Gitas in motel rooms was a story of a man who was saved from committing suicide by reading just a few pages of Bhagavad Gita.

  • Timeless Meditation

    It’s refreshing to learn that science is finally catching up with the power of meditation, but I’m guessing it will be another decade until they ‘scientifically’ discover the revolutionary philosophy behind it.

  • Gadadhar Pandit: "Stress Management for Work-Life Balance"

    Anxiety, insomnia, muscle tension, fatigue, high blood pressure, and anger are just some of the symptoms of stress. Stress not only affects our body, but also our behavior that can lead to social withdrawal. This presentation will explore the nature of our mind and the various factors in our lives that cause us stress.

  • Krishna’s Healthcare

    Since time immemorial, human societies have championed Mother Nature’s therapeutic splendor as a reliable and sacred source of healthcare. It is important to be aware of the various health issues sprouting up during this iron age of Kali.

  • "Got Stress? Here's Why"

    The American Institute of Stress suggests that our stress factors are divided up in the following way: 46% workload, 28% people issues, 20% juggling work/personal lives, 6% lack of job security.

  • How To Defeat Stress? - by Anuttama Dasa

    Elaborating on the verse 2.70 from the Bhagavad-gita Anuttama Dasa explains what ancient wisdom suggests about how to defeat stress, one of the most common diseases of the modern world.

    Produced by Karuna Productions with the sponsorship of ISKCON Communications and Odyssey Networks. (

  • Build High, Dig Deep
    Stress seems to be the dreaded ailment of the age. Everyone seems to be searching for ways to avoid it! But maybe living a little on the edge is not so bad after all. A suitable amount of stress can help you grow, push you to achieve amazing things, give real meaning to your life and add an element of excitement and adventure.
  • Chronic Stress Leads to Diabetes, Study Finds
    Men who live in a permanent state of stress are 45 percent more likely to develop Type II diabetes than men who are not stressed, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, and published in the journal Diabetic Medicine.
  • De-stressing Is Important For A United World
    We, the East and West, have something in common - the feeling that there's not enough time; there's too much frenzy, too much speed, too much compression, in a word, stress. "We have sold our souls," wrote historian Arnold Toynbee in 1972 of his British compatriots, "to the pursuit of maximising material wealth, a pursuit which is spiritually wrong and practically unattainable."
  • Work As Worship
    Is it possible to work in this dog-eat-dog world and simultaneously maintain your spirituality? Can one connect to the higher reality via their worldly profession? The Bhagavad-gita offers the “3R” formula, which gives a succinct but comprehensive checklist on how to spiritualize your daily work.
  • Shilajit - Find strength, stamina and stress relief

    There is no curable disease in the universe that cannot be cured by Shilajitu, according to the ancient Indian text Charaka Samhita. In historic India, through the country's Ayurvedic tradition of medicine, Shilajit was used as treatment for diabetes, gallstones, kidney stones, heart disease, anemia, anxiety, ulcers, asthma, arthritis, epilepsy and jaundice.