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Articles tagged as Suffering

  • Let The Lord Not Leave Us Again

    Is there anyone of us who want to suffer? How many of us want to be insulted by others? How many of us want to be separated from our loved ones? But almost all of us go through these phases in our life and most of the time we find we are so helpless to do anything, we silently weep.

  • The Universality and the Variety of Suffering

    Among the many games that the mind plays, comparison is one of its favorites – and one that is rarely favorable in terms of how it affects us. The mind will always find something with which to unfavorably compare our situation and make us miserable. 

  • The Poverty of Spirit

    The best way to tackle world poverty and indeed all other material problems is to simply abide by the divine instructions given by God, depending on him for our needs while engaging in spiritual practise to keep our desires and demands in check.

  • The Answer is Easter

    In anticipation of Easter, one of the biggest celebration in the Christian religion, Southern Californian pastor Rick Warren talks about his son’s recent suicide and how people can overcome pain and despair.

  • Why Is the Bhagavad-gita So "Pessimistic"?

    People with cursory knowledge of the Gita’s philosophy sometimes ask: “When the world offers both pleasures and pains, why does the Bhagavad-gita call the world a place of misery?”

  • Why Suffering and Spirituality Go Hand-in-Hand

    It's quite natural for those of faith to turn towards God during difficult times. Even if one has a regular spiritual practice, their practice can increase and improve during times of difficulty.

  • International Widows’ Day – a Day of Action against Ongoing Poverty and Injustice

    On June 23, the third annual International Widows’ Day will focus the world’s attention on one of its most rejected and abused groups. In many cities and rural villages in multiple countries, cultural and ancient religious beliefs still inflict extreme discrimination against widows.

  • Tragedy Calls... Am I Next?

    If we grasp the full scope of our existence, we can understand the significance of each event that we struggle through. Since most of us lack such vision, we need to develop faith that Lord Krishna arranges everything for our ultimate benefit, even if at present we cannot understand how.