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  • Spiritual Funk Rock Band Supersoul Releases New EP “Rukmini’s Ecstasy”

    It’s not always easy to find rock music that tackles spiritual themes, much less Krishna conscious ones. But Australian alternative funk rock band Supersoul does just that, wrapping deep philosophical concepts in funky rhythm sections, soaring harmonies and ripping guitar solos.

  • Australian Funk Rock Band Supersoul Releases Inspiring EP “He Can Dance”

    As soon as you press play on the title track of Supersoul’s new EP “He Can Dance,” and hear the irresistibly catchy melody, funky rhythms, brass, and smooth harmonies, you’re likely to find that you yourself, and possibly your whole family, can do nothing but dance.

  • Supreme Person

    Although by its very definition belief in the supramundane cannot be proven by normal scientific methods or logic, for the faithful there are compelling enough reasons to accept God’s existence as fact.

  • Superconsciousness – The Voice Within Sixth Sense or Gut Instinct?

    So often in routine life we experience phenomena unexplainable by the current western paradigm. What then to speak of understanding superconsciousness, a phenomenon we all experience throughout our lives.

  • Suicide in the Spur of the Moment

    A desire to live life on one’s own terms, expecting people around to accept their way of living, never compromising attitude and carrying tonnes of emotions on the sleeves are some of the attributes which characterise people today.