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  • Friend of Devotees Killed in London Bridge Terrorist Attack

    Saskia Jones, 23, a much-beloved student who had befriended London ISKCON devotees, was killed in the London Bridge terrorist attack on November 29th

  • ISKCON Community’s Response to the Massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand

    The horrific massacre that unfolded in Christchurch New Zealand on Friday 15th March, in which to date 50 human beings have lost their lives, is truly a very dark moment in history, not only for Muslims but for all who treasure the gift of life. 

  • ISKCON Ahmedabad Offers Tribute for the Martyred Soldiers of Jammu and Kashmir

    On February 17th, more than 70 devotees of ISKCON Ahmedabad performed a special harinam sankirtan on street of Ahmedabad in the morning for the soldiers who laid their lives in a horrible terrorist attack.

  • Mayapur Devotees Hold Special Kirtan for the Victims of the Jammu & Kashmir Terrorist Attack

    On 14 February 2019, a convoy of vehicles carrying security personnel on the Jammu Srinagar National Highway was attacked by a vehicle-bound suicide bomber in Jammu and Kashmir, India. The attack resulted in the death of 49 people.

  • Sivarama Swami on Manchester Terror Attack

    On Monday May 22nd, twenty-two people, including children and teenagers, were killed by a suicide bomber at the Manchester Arena in England. Here Sivarama Swami expresses his condolences and shares his compassionate and thoughtful perspective on the tragedy.

  • France Church Attack: Muslims Attend Mass

    Muslims across France have attended Catholic Mass in a gesture of solidarity after the murder of a priest on Tuesday. Fr Jacques Hamel was killed in his church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray by two men who had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group.

  • ISKCON Delhi Was Target of Failed 2015 Terrorist Plot

     In the winter of 2015, when Indian agencies were busy tracking down alQaida modules, two Jaish-eMuhammed terrorists had quietly sneaked into the capital. Intelligence sources said the duo rented a room in Lajpat Nagar, assembled six improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and recced at least four places for a strike, including the Taj Mahal and two city spots -Iskcon temple and the Select Citywalk mall in Saket. 

  • ISKCON Deplores Brussels Attack

    On Tuesday March 22nd 2016, a terrorist attack with multiple blasts shook Belgium’s capital, Brussels, killing and injuring dozens at Zaventem Airport and in the subway. On March 23rd, ISKCON European Office of Communications issued a statement "deploring the atrocious acts of violence committed by monsters that do not represent or practice any spiritual tradition."

  • Terror and Forgiveness

    The world has now become an unsafe place for all. The thirsty bullets of the terrorists vying for blood of innocents have filled our life with fear. Today we can be killed anywhere – in restaurants, in parks, in planes, in offices and also in our homes.

  • Muslim Leaders in Europe Condemn Terrorist Attacks

    "They claim to have done it in the name of God - far from it. Their work is the work of satan."

  • Devotees Safe But Atmosphere Tense at ISKCON Paris

    No ISKCON devotees or congregation members were hurt during the terrorist attacks on Paris on Friday November 13th, in which 129 people were killed at six locations throughout the French capital. Yet some congregation members living close to the Bataclan concert hall, where 80 people died, were shaken when they overheard the violence.

  • ISIS Hostage and Food For Life Volunteer Kayla Mueller Is Killed

    Kayla Mueller, 26, from Prescott, Arizona, USA, who had been held hostage by Islamic State militants for 18 months, had been killed on February 6th in Syria. She was also an active volunteer in Hare Krishna movement projects in India, with a deep interest in the practice of bhakti-yoga.

  • Hare Krishna and Blasphemy

    The members of the Krishna consciousness movement are fortunate indeed that blasphemy is no longer a capital crime in Britain. If it were, we would all have been burned a long time ago.

  • Zak Ebrahim: I Am the Son of a Terrorist. Here's How I Chose Peace.

    If you’re raised on dogma and hate, can you choose a different path? Zak Ebrahim was just seven years old when his father helped plan the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. His story is shocking, powerful, and ultimately, inspiring.

  • Reflections on the Volgograd Terrorist Attacks

    The tragic events in Volgograd makes us wonder about the nature of terrorism. The saddest thing is that people explain or justify terrorism with God, and with the name of God.

  • Post 9/11 Testing of US's Religious Tolerance

    "What Would You Do?" by ABC is a hidden camera series where people are put into ethical dilemmas, given the choice between passively accepting injustice and standing up for what they believe is right.

  • 10 Essential Points About the Boston Marathon Bombers, Islam, and America

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the second suspect in the horrific Boston Marathon explosions has been apprehended. Here are ten basic points that we would all do well to keep in mind as we try to make sense of a world that seems to be in need of sanity and compassion.

  • Time To Ditch Bad Leaders
    The “last of the buffoon dictators” was one correspondent’s take on the death of Muamar Gaddafi. With his numerous outlandish costumes, opulent palace and corps of female Amazonian bodyguards he certainly cut a colourful figure as he paraded on the world stage. But his record on human rights was a black one.
  • Religious War
    As a traveling monk, I am often drawn into heated debates over the link between religion and war. To complicate matters further, the revered conversation of Bhagavad-gita is spoken at the onset of a fratricidal war, and Krishna is seemingly the one inciting Arjuna to fight!
  • What it Means to be American: Attitudes in an Increasingly Diverse America Ten Years after 9/11
    Ten years after the September 11th terrorist attacks, Americans believe they are more safe but have less personal freedom and that the country is less respected in the world than it was prior to September 11, 2001.
  • Odyssey Networks Goes "Beyond Hate" for 9/11 Anniversary
    Odyssey Networks will commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9/11 with "Beyond Hate," a diverse collection of original video productions that inspire conversation and promote reconciliation and healing. The videos, featuring some of America's most powerful interfaith voices, will appear on Odyssey's website September 5–11, with a new video each day.
  • Religion, Wars, and the 21st Century
    Human beings often seek to offer even their totality for an inspiring or necessary cause, especially for God’s sake. Upon reading of the Bin Laden termination—most of its fuller, more accurate accounts emerging months later—I mused aloud that maybe indeed, Bhagavad-gita isn’t so unusual after all.
  • Is Anders Breivik a `Christian’ terrorist?

    The mass murders in Oslo have raised a host of agonizing questions, but few have such an ancient lineage and contemporary resonance as whether Anders Behring Breivik, the right-wing extremist behind the attacks that killed 76 Norwegians last Friday (July 22), is a Christian.

  • The Difficulty of Dharma
    In the midst of many celebrating the demise of Osama bin Laden, there has been an ongoing debate at the Hindu American Foundation around whether it is right to rejoice over the death of another, even one as “evil” as bin Laden. A core Hindu belief is that of a non-violence, which is closely linked with another key concept that the Divine resides in all living beings.
  • Osama bin Laden Largely Discredited Among Muslim Publics in Recent Years
    In the months leading up to Osama bin Laden’s death, a survey of Muslim publics around the world found little support for the al Qaeda leader. Among the six predominantly Muslim nations recently surveyed, bin Laden received his highest level of support among Muslims in the Palestinian territories.
  • India Says Local Islamists Bombed Hindu Pilgrim City Varanasi

    India said Wednesday a home-grown Islamist group with ties to Pakistani militants was behind a bomb attack in one of its holiest cities, and local media reported two people were questioned over the attack.

  • Mumbai on Red Alert for Festival

    A high alert has been sounded across Mumbai on suspicion that two foreign terrorists have arrived in the city prior to the festivities of Ganesh Chaturthi that began on Sept. 11.

  • 9-11 Lesson: We Can't Fight Fire with Fire
    On September 11th, 2001, I was in England, and that day I happened to drop off a fellow from my faith at London's Heathrow Airport. At the curb in front of the terminal, a concerned Brit detected my accent and said, "Hey mate: Are you an American? You'd better go inside and see what's on the telly!"
  • Terrorists Attack ISKCON Temple in Chittagong, Bangladesh

    An update to this story may be read here. On May 18, ISKCON News Weekly received a distraught message from an obviously emotional monk at ISKCON’s Nandankanan Sri Sri Gour Nitai Ashram in Chittagong, the main seaport of Bangladesh. On May 14 at 3pm, the devotee said, he and his peers were busy preparing for a weekend festival when fifty to sixty terrorists burst into the temple, brandishing knives and iron bars.

  • Bullet-proof Cover for Vrindavana's Banke Bihari
    From changing a dozen dresses a day, to taking His pick from more than 100 cuisines on the menu, Lord Banke Bihari of Mathura has always enjoyed a privileged existence. Now, the baby Krishna has stolen a march over Ram Lalla - the resident deity of Ayodhya - by becoming the first divinity to don a bullet-proof cover.
  • Bhakti Charu Swami Addresses Mumbai Tragedy at UN
    ISKCON spiritual teacher His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami was invited to speak at a discussion on “Exploring the Practice of Reconciliation: Muslims’ and Hindus’ vision of Understanding, Tolerance and Peace” at the United Nations headquarters in New York on December 3rd.
  • Vision of Eternity: Seeing Beyond the Differences
    This week found me sharing several interesting hours with Christian and Jewish ministers from my town. The first meeting was in a local hall, and attended by the Mayor; the second, a special explanatory Sabbath service in one of the two high street synagogues.
  • Indian Muslims Refuse to Bury Militants

    Indian Muslims say they do not want the gunmen killed by the security forces during the attacks in Mumbai to be buried in Muslim graveyards. Community leaders believe the militants cannot be called Muslims because they went against the teachings of Islam and killed innocent civilians.

  • Catholics and Muslims to Fight Terror and Defend Faith
    VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Catholic and Muslim leaders at unprecedented Vatican meetings vowed on Thursday to jointly combat violence committed in God's name, to defend religious freedom and to foster equal rights for minority faith groups.
  • ISKCON GBC Statement on Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

    It is with great shock, outrage, and sorrow that members of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, (ISKCON), have learned of the horrific terrorists attacks in Mumbai, India, against hundreds of innocent people.

  • Terror Strikes Mumbai: ISKCON Temples and Devotees Safe
    Mumbai was struck by multiple terror attacks since the night of 26 November 2008. The terrorist attacks, described as the worst on Mumbai ever, have claimed 125 lives, left 327 injured and sent more than 900 to the hospital. Shootouts and explosions rattled 12 key locations in Mumbai including two luxury hotels, the domestic airport, a railway station, two hospitals and cinema multiplexes and a cafe popular with western tourists.
  • Assam: A Secular Protocol

    Patience is the key that defines facilitating others' survival more than your own. Earth, mother we call her, symbolises that element of life. She lets the barbarian exploit her boons and the bliss, and waits for a millennium to show she is angry.

  • 'Anti-blast' Devices Installed at Udupi Sri Krishna Temple

    Udupi Sept 3: Sugunendra Tirtha Swamiji of Paryaya Puttige Math said on Tuesday that four anti-blast devices had been installed to protect the sanctum sanctorum of the Sri Krishna Math/Temple.

    Addressing presspersons here, the swamiji said that these devices would prevent explosions through wireless devices. The devices had been installed by V. Rakshaa Company which would also look after their maintenance, he added.

  • Manipur Janmastami Begins Amid Tight Security

    Imphal, Aug. 24: “Dad, are the flowers going to explode?” Laxmi Devi wanted to know as she inched closer to the decorated stage for Rasa Lila inside Imphal’s Iskcon temple complex. “No, darling. Nothing will happen. They are not bombs, but beautiful flowers,” said her father, Ajita Dasa.

  • Tight Security at Temples for Janmastami

    NEW DELHI: Security has been beefed up by Delhi Police at more than dozen temples across Delhi and NCR ahead of the Janmashtami celebrations on Sunday. Elaborate security and traffic arrangements have been made in the Capital and major temples where Janmashtami will be celebrated have been put under electronic surveillance.

  • Govindaji Saves Student from Terror in Jaipur

    "Krishna has saved me" said Avadhuta-priya devi dasi, a devotee of Lord Krishna, referring to her incredible escape from a series of terrorist bomb blasts that tore through crowded shopping areas of Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan in India's north.

  • Jaipur Blasts Fail to Weaken Hindu-Muslim Ties
    Designed to drive a wedge between the city's Hindus and Muslims, Tuesday's terror attack in Jaipur was meant to change all that. But it didn't happen. "Whoever was trying to divide the two communities has failed," says Muslim restaurateur Kallu. It is 72 hours since the blasts and the Hindus are not back in big numbers yet. But Kallu, judging by the mood of the city and the way it has reacted everywhere, is sure that there won't be any big cracks in the relationship.
  • Militant Reveals Plans to Blow Up ISKCON Temple
    Hubli, Karnataka, India: A suspected militant arrested in January 2008 has told police that he was to carry out bomb blasts in 11 places in Karnataka and Goa, including IT campuses and the ISKCON temple, but could not do so as RDX [explosive nitroamine widely used in military and industrial applications] from Pakistan failed to reach him.
  • Reel Flashback in Fight Against Terror
    Iskcon has turned its personal experience of the reality of terrorism into a reel weapon in the fight against terror across the world. A year after an act of violence sullied its precincts midway through a Janmashtami function, the management of the Iskcon temple in Imphal, Manipur has produced a documentary that it hopes will hold a mirror to practitioners of terror.
  • Poll: More Muslims Reject Bombings
    WASHINGTON -- Muslims around the world increasingly reject suicide bombings and other violence against civilians in defense of Islam, according to a new international poll dealing with how the world's population judges their lives, countries and national institutions.
  • ISKCON bomb attack suspects identified

    IMPHAL: The state police have identified the suspects involved in the ISKCON blast of August 16 which had resulted in the death of six devotees and the maiming of dozens of others.
    The director general of police, Manipur, AK Parashar, informed this during an interaction with senior media representatives at the 1st Manipur Rifles this morning. The DGP, however declined to give details, as it may adversely affect the ongoing police investigations into the case.He however said the police were biding their time to arrest the responsible culprits.