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Articles tagged as Vasudeva

  • In Memory of Vasudeva Das

    The GBC Executive Committee joins the devotees of ISKCON Fiji in honoring the life of His Grace Vasudeva Prabhu, a pioneer in establishing Krsna consciousness in Fiji.

  • Somewhere In The Persian Gulf

    This sixty-minute documentary by Vasudeva Das shows the birth of devotional Bhakti-Vriksha In The Middle-East.

  • Tirumala Hills

    This video takes you around the seven sacred hills of Tirumala, the abode of India's wealthiest Temple Deity -Venkateswar Swami, known affectionately as Balaji. A video by Vasudeva Das.

  • Russian ISKCON Devotee Wears Prabhupada Shirt at the Russian Voice Contest

    ISKCON devotee Premamaya Vasudeva Das (Pierre Edel) singing in front of millions of Russian viewers on the Voice. He was wearing a Prabhupada-shirt during his performance. When asked who it was on his shirt, Pierre answered, "My grandfather".

  • “The Voice” Contestant Brings Krishna Conscious Message

    ISKCON devotee Premamaya Vasudeva Das (Pierre Edel) has reached the third stage in Season 3 of the Russian version of TV singing competition show The Voice, an international phenomenon. At every opportunity along the way, he’s sharing what he knows about God consciousness, vegetarianism, and sacred mantras with judges, contestants, and journalists.

  • Rathayatra in Sri Mayapur 2013

    500 years ago an blind old man prompted Lord Jagannath to appear in a quaint village near Mayapur in West Bengal. The Lord has been worshipped there ever since, but it is only since 1978 that ISKCON, having been requested to take over the worship, started organizing Rathayatras in Mayapur. 

    In just a few years the Mayapur Rathayatra has grown from minuscule to huge in size. Many thousand pilgrims attend from the whole Nadia region, including movie and TV celebrities from Kolkata. The stage program on Ulto Rathayatra (the return trip seven days later) draws as many as the Kolkata Ratharaytra stage. 

    A video by Vasudev Das.

  • The Rathayatra That Started Them All Comes to DVD
    As Rathayatra season comes to a close, devotees can immerse themselves in the one that started them all in ISKCON film-maker Vasudeva Dasa’s new English language version of his little-seen 1992 classic, Pulling Krishna Home.