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Articles tagged as Virus

  • If The Pandemic Was A College What Could It Possibly Teach Us?

    How about some humility? How about admitting that we are not the supreme controllers, at least as of now? How about admitting that we don’t yet fully understand the mysteries of the universe. 

  • Valisudana Das Loves Conspiracies

    He never found a conspiracy theory he didn't like.  Valisudana - not his real name - craves hearing how malevolent groups hatch secret, unlawful, harmful plans for evil, destructive purposes.

  • GBC Strategic Planning Team Offers Devotees Support to Face COVID-19 Challenges

    To help devotees stay safe and cope with the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the GBC Strategic Planning Team has put together a global task force team that gathers and disseminate both spiritually uplifting and materially useful information. 

  • The GBC Executive Committee Issues Statement About Coronavirus

    On March 12th, 2020, the Executive Committee of ISKCON's Governing Body Commission issued a statement about the suggested protocol for temples and individuals to follow during the corona virus pandemic.

  • Fear, Coronavirus and Detachment

    When I read the news this morning, I got scared. People all over the world are starting to brace themselves in fear of the coronavirus epidemic.

  • Very Important News From Mayapur

    Those who may want to come to Mayapur from China, or other countries and areas in close proximity to outbreaks of this virus, or those with any symptoms of fever, cough, runny nose or breathing difficulties please refrain from coming to Mayapur until further advise.