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Articles tagged as Womens-rights

  • ISKCON at the UN Organizes Interfaith Panel on Women’s Empowerment

    ISKCON at the UN and the ISKCON Vaishnavi Ministry have organized an interfaith panel discussion entitled “Shared Stories: Culture, Religion & Women’s Empowerment” which will take place virtually on March 21st as part of the NGO Commission on the Status of Women Forum.

  • Women in ISKCON in Prabhupada’s Times - Part One

    When Prabhupada decided to accept women in the movement, he did so according to the reasoning he himself quotes in a purport: “To broadcast the cult of Krishna Consciousness, one has to learn the possibility of renunciation in terms of country, time and candidate… What is possible in one country may not be possible in another."

  • Being a Woman in India

    The release of India’s Daughter, a documentary on the rape and murder of Jyoti Singh, has brought the issue back again into a limelight that most prefer switched off: so much so that the documentary is banned in this country. 

  • Do Vedas Denigrate Women?
    The recent rape case in New Delhi gave ammunition to certain academicians to spill venom on Vedic literatures. These scholars unequivocally attribute all the wrongs happening in India as the outcome of the Vedic Culture. To substantiate their point they oft quote Vedas but mostly wrongly.
  • Sadness of Delhi Rape Death

    The present perverted culture of India allows rape and molestation of women to take place anywhere and everywhere in the nation.