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Articles tagged as Woodstock

  • Polish Woodstock Full On

    As attendance at Woodstock Poland swells to over 700,000 people devotees go into action with Ratha Yatra, massive prasadam distribution, kirtan and discussions. Auspiciousness prevails everywhere.

  • From The Heart - Polish Woodstock

    The Polish Woodstock meant many things for different people. For Lord Krsna’s devotees it was a chance to share our good fortune through massive prasadam distribution, Ratha Yatra, good association and most important, the loud chanting of Krsna’s holy names along with our audience in the Mantra Yoga Tent.

  • Ever Fresh - by Indradyumna Swami

    Krishna's Village of Peace at this years Woodstock festival in Poland exceeded the expectations of the organizers. With a steady stream of people passing through ISKCON's site the lines for prasadam got longer and longer, large crowds spilled out of the Mantra Yoga Tent and all other activities were fully packed.