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  • US Boys’ Summer Trip Run by Alumni for 15th Consecutive Year

    This year, they and other chaperones took thirty-eight boys aged 10 to 17 from Italy, Colombia, Canada and around the U.S. on the Summer Trip from June 22nd to July 23rd.

  • ISKCON Youth Bus Tour to Mexico

    ISKCON Youth Ministry's Mexico bus tour between December 9, 2016  and January 3, 2017, will be an extraordinary adventure presenting Krishna culture festivals in towns, auditoriums and yoga studios, and visiting pyramids, jungle waterfalls and tropical beaches. "It's a life changing experience," says Manorama dasa, one of the organizers. "The young people who travel with us get a taste for the pioneering spirit of adventure, spreading Krishna consciousness, and will make devotee friends for life."

  • Caribbean Youth Tour Helps Put on First Ever Rathayatra in Dominican Republic

    Since 1995, devotee youth headed by ISKCON Youth Ministry’s Manorama Das and his wife Jaya Sri Radhe Dasi have traveled all over the US and Canada every summer – and Mexico every winter. On each trip, they spread Krishna consciousness and get inspired themselves in the process.