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Taking Suicide out of the Closet
By   |  Apr 25, 2021

Taking Suicide out of the Closet

Rambhoru Dasi, ACBSP, Certified Professional Chaplain, Crisis Counselor, and Spiritual Director discusses this important topic.

Suicide is a dirty word mired in judgment, shame, and taboo. It is often whispered, denied, or avoided altogether. Given the staggering statistics, isn’t it time we take suicide out of the closet and bring it into the light? Isn’t it time we begin the conversation, so we can help one another and find solutions to help alleviate the enormous amount of pain circling our planet – and sad to say – in our ISKCON movement? The first step is to understand suicide. This helps make sense of the unknown and fear, the tainted and tabooed.

An excellent resource: “Understanding Your Suicide Grief” by Alan Wolfelt.

This presentation was organized by the Alachua EOL Team.  Donations to Rambhoru Dasi are graciously accepted through Karuna Care Education at Karuna Care Education | Karuna Care, LLC (Powered by Donorbox)  or

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