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Temple Profile: San Jose, Costa Rica
By Kumari Kunti Dasi, ISKCON North America Communications Co-Director   |  Mar 17, 2024

Costa Rica is celebrated for its wildlife, volcanoes, animal sanctuaries, and breathtaking natural landscapes. The ISKCON temple is located in a bustling section of San Jose, the capital city, nestled amidst a blend of residences and dining establishments. Though modest in size, the temple fosters a close-knit community spirit, with only a handful of residents residing in its ashram. Despite this, devotees from all corners of San Jose converge here to partake in spiritual dialogues and practices.

The journey of the temple’s Deities, Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundara, is tale locals affectionately refer to as the “sankirtana party,” owing to their numerous relocations over the years. Having graced Costa Rica for more than three decades, their adventures began on a farm where a solitary cow produced milk exclusively for their nourishment. From there, they journeyed to a devotee’s seaside abode before settling in various locations within San Jose, where they have resided contentedly for the past eight years, with no plans of moving any time soon!

Highlight: Your temple experience will include an abundance of prasadam, a particularly welcoming offering in a country where vegetarian and vegan cuisine is often impossible to find.

Note: Classes and programs are conducted in Spanish, yet a friendly cadre of locals proficient in English stands ready to assist visitors in any capacity, offering guidance for their journey and even preparing and delivering prasadam, considering the scarcity of vegetarian options in the area.

Temple Name/Deities: ISKCON Costa Rica – Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundara Address: 200 meters east and 25 meters south of the Iglesia Santa Teresita, San José, Barrio Escalante, Costa Rica

To learn more about the ISKCON community in Costa Rica, visit their Facebook page.