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Texito Langa’s Krishna-Conscious Musical Journey
By Atma Tattva Das, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  Dec 01, 2023

Earlier this year, devotee Texito Langa released his latest musical offering, a single titled “Oh Afrika!” that is a poignant call for collective spiritual awakening and intentional unity to overcome the many struggles that plague the continent. This musical endeavor not only reflects Texito’s personal journey but also carries profound significance for the broader International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) community on the mother continent.

Texito’s journey in the realm of Krishna-conscious music is a testament to the transformative power of devotion and creativity. Born in Mozambique, Texito found himself drawn to the profound spiritual teachings of Krishna Consciousness. His musical prowess, coupled with a deep-seated spirituality, led him on a unique path, where devotion and artistic expression became inseparable.

In an interview with ISKCON News, Texito shared insights into his recent travels and collaboration with Gaura Vani and the Prema Collective, highlighting the dual purpose of their work—rehearsing new songs for live performances and recording for future albums. The fusion of devotional messages within the vibrant soundscape of electronic music, showcased at The Bright Side Music Festival – 2023 in El Paso, Texas, marked a groundbreaking moment. Texito emphasized the impact of introducing spiritual components in a festival primarily dedicated to secular electronic music, providing festival-goers with a distinctive and uplifting experience.

Texito’s collaborative efforts extend beyond music; they are a conscious outreach strategy. He and his collaborators aim to create a team that participates in festivals worldwide, engaging with diverse audiences. This effort aligns with the vision of spreading Krishna consciousness beyond traditional boundaries, reaching those who might not encounter these spiritual messages otherwise.

Our conversation steered toward Texito’s debut album, “Introspective,” known for songs like “Be A Better Person” and “Don’t Waste Your Time.” Reflecting on these tracks, Texito shared the inspirations behind them. “Be A Better Person,” originally titled “A Better World,” evolved into a spiritual anthem encouraging personal growth and awareness. The lyrics, inspired by a statement made by Bhakti Narasimha Swami, emphasize the importance of controlling the mind and senses for a better world.

Cover for Texito Langa’s new single “Oh Afrika!”

“Don’t Waste Your Time” draws inspiration from Bhaktivinod Thakura’s poem “Jiva Jago,” urging listeners to fill their lives with the holy names of God, regardless of their life circumstances. Texito revealed that these songs are not just for the audience but serve as personal reminders and messages of self-preaching, reinforcing the importance of living in accordance with spiritual principles.

Texito’s latest single, “Oh Afrika!” takes a bold step beyond the boundaries of traditional Reggae music. Originally written in the early 2000s, the song addresses the pressing issue of African unity through the lens of Absolute Truth. Texito passionately expressed his concern about the continent’s division, highlighting its impact on spiritual growth and the development of Krishna consciousness in Africa.

The song becomes a poignant call to action, encouraging Africans to unite for strength, protection, and prosperity. Texito eloquently emphasized that a united Africa provides a conducive environment for the flourishing of Krishna consciousness. The lyrics echo the sentiment that material struggles and poverty hinder actual progress, emphasizing the need for collective upliftment.

Texito’s musical endeavors serve as a bridge between spirituality and cultural contributions. His commitment to Krishna-conscious messaging within diverse musical genres and collaborations demonstrates the universal appeal of spiritual teachings. “Oh Afrika!” emerges not only as a musical creation but as a rallying cry for unity, an anthem that resonates within the hearts of both the Krishna-conscious community and a broader global audience.

Visit the link here to listen to the “Oh Afrika!” single on a streaming platform of your choice, check out Texito’s website, and follow his Instagram for future musical offerings, performances, and more.