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The Award-winning Documentary About the Yamuna Released in Six Languages
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Nov 10, 2018

The Stolen River, the multiple award-winning documentary about the River Yamuna has been released for public screening in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. The film is now available in six languages: English, Italian, Hungarian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. 

In celebration of the holy month of Kartik, communities who are wishing to entertain their guests with a heart-rending but inspiring story of young Brajabhasi environmental activists trying to save their sacred land and river from toxic waste and pollution, can get their public streaming license to rent or download the film for a discounted 30% price. 

The 30% off promo code is KARTIK2018, and valid until the end of Kartik, November 21st.  

The film’s summary: Six young people in rural India set out on a journey to find out who is poisoning their sacred river Yamuna, causing people and animals to fall sick and die en masse in their village and surrounding areas. By the time they arrive at the foothills of the Himalayas, a shocking reality unfolds in front of them: their river has been “stolen” and replaced by an open flow of sewage, causing a major ecological disaster affecting tens of millions — to which, unknowingly, the whole world contributes. Can they save the river, people’s lives and their holy land, the very heart of the ancient Indian culture? 

After its world premiere in late 2017, besides film festivals across the globe, the film has had successful screenings in several ISKCON Centers including Washington DC, Prabhupadadesh, Italy, and Radhedesh, Belgium as well as The Bhakti Center in  New York. In September 2018, The Stolen River has also been made available for educational purposes, and has been shown in universities such as Yale and the Georgetown University in the USA and the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

Some of the feedback the documentary has received: 

“This film is a gripping story of one of the most sacred rivers in India. The future of the Yamuna is at risk along with the lives of some 60 million people who depend on it. With powerful images and engaging narration the viewer will be forever changed.”  ––  Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, Forum on Religion and Ecology, Yale University.

“I liked the human story, and the importance placed on it. Seeing, firstly, why people cared about the river, and, secondly, how they were affected was powerful.” –David Buchanan, Ph.D. student, School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

“Wow, that was wonderful. I was moved, angered and yet felt purified by the whole experience of the film. It captured the issues beautifully and the cinematography was, at times, breathtaking.”  — Akhandadhi Das – former Temple President of the Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK

“The film is so well done, very moving. It is heartbreaking in one sense, but it also gives us hope that maybe we can all pull together and do something.” — Bada Haridas – musician, Florida, USA

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