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The Spread Of The Lumpy Skin Disease In Cows
By Khusboo Basan   |  Sep 24, 2022

Image Source: Sri Mayapur Goshala


The viral infection has killed nearly 75,000 cattle in India and spread to more than 10 States and UTs, hitting Rajasthan the worst

The lumpy skin disease outbreak continues to affect dairy farmers, especially small cultivators in India and South Asia. The infection, caused by the capripoxvirus, is spread by blood-feeding insects. It is an infectious viral disease in cattle, which often occurs in epizootic form. The disease is characterized by the eruption of nodules in the skin, which may cover the whole body of the cow.

It was first observed in Sri Mayapur Goshala in August 2019. It must be mentioned here that the herd at the Goshala has faced several episodes of the disease over the past three years.

Dr. Adirupa Das, the resident Veterinarian of Mayapur goshala is currently doing daily inspections of the herd at the Goshala. He is also keeping a close watch on any new developments of cattle-related diseases in the regions around Mayapur. He shares some of the insights so that more people become aware of the lumpy skin disease. This would also help take necessary precautionary measures to combat the disease.

Dr. Adirupa Das says, “Most cattle develop lifelong immunity after recovery from a natural infection. As almost 80 percent of the herd has already been inflicted and recovered from the lumpy skin disease. Now, it can be safely said that herd immunity has been achieved for most of them. Even calves of immune cows acquire maternal antibodies and are resistant to clinical disease until about 7 months of age, and only weaned calves who have not been exposed to the disease are vulnerable.”

Sri Mayapur Goshala has had a very good record of treating lumpy skin with a nearly 100 percent recovery rate since 2019.

Dr. Das has laid down the following preventive precautions taken to avoid a major outbreak of lumpy skin disease In Sri Mayapur Goshala

– Cow dung/waste is being dumped far away to minimize flies and insects

– Neem & cow dung cake fumigation done every evening to repel mosquitoes

– Also, medicine is applied on the cows to remove ectoparasites

In addition to the above important steps, the Mayapur Goshala team is also in close contact with the government block veterinarian and is on their toes to take any other action in this regard.

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