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The Travels of Jiva – A Poem By Bhaktimarga Swami
By Bhaktimarga Swami   |  Apr 29, 2023

There once was a tiny anti-material particle
Not reported in any regular news article
Jiva was the name of this glowing entity
Who somewhat lost purpose and identity

In its wanderlust it really liked to move
Feeling as though life would then improve
Yes, Jiva was up for travel far and wide
A wish that absolutely could not be denied

The search was on with the gift to freely fly
It looked about for directions in the sky
The Moon, Sun, Saturn, and Mars
Heavenly bodies including the stars

Discontented there, Jiva pondered the deep blue sea
And took the dive to the lowest degree
Made some peers, but defied predators
It felt too oppressed with all the competitors

It was time now to see what Earth could offer
Would life here be gentler and softer?
“I think not,” concluded Jiva, losing hope
The pattern appeared a downward slope

Poor Jiva was running out of places
Weary of bearing all too many faces
Weary of wearing fur, feathers, and scales,
Bodies of skin, fin, and long or short tails

Jiva thought hard on the current situation
Perhaps pleasure is a dream’s anticipation
The place of origin was the actual paradise
Convinced of home, Jiva u-turned and thought not twice

– By Bhaktimarga Swami

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