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Transition of Managing Editor at ISKCON News
By HG Kumari Kunti Dasi   |  Apr 08, 2023

With a fond farewell, the ISKCON News team says goodbye to our Managing Editor from 2020-2023, Kamala-Radha dasi. Kamala was an asset to the growth and development of ISKCON News, especially in the area of its social media and other internal processes. She is a wonderful devotee and advocates for inclusivity reporting for ISKCON News. In addition, she is an end-of-life care consultant and social media professional who will continue her service in those areas after leaving ISKCON News. We appreciate her and her years of service for ISKCON News!

Our new Managing Editor, Bhakta Thomas (known to most devotees as Thomas Haribol), began his college career on a journalism scholarship and had over 20 years of experience in education, communication, and writing before joining us. Thomas Haribol has served at several temples in North America over the last few years and will bring his experience in journalism and administration to the ISKCON News team. Thomas will start the new position in April 2023.

“I am excited to be a part of the ISKCON News team. Since coming to Krsna Consciousness, I’ve had a chance to visit over 30 ISKCON Temples around the world, and I look forward to serving our communities by helping them share their inspiring news and events with our worldwide family,” said Thomas prabhu.

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