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Two FFL Devotees Killed in Donbass Ukraine
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Jul 17, 2022

Krishna-tattva Das (right) and Madana-gopal Das (left) killed in missile attack in Donbass

 On July 16, two Food For Life devotees in Alchevsk (Donbass) — Krsna-tattva Prabhu, director of the program, and Madana-gopal Prabhu — were killed in a missile strike that hit the Food For Life kitchen. They had just returned from prasadam distribution to the FFL base when a missile attack destroyed the building, and they were buried under the rubble. Another devotee, Arjuna Prabhu was injured and has been taken to hospital.

The Donbass FFL program provided over 1000 hot prasadam meals weekly to civilians in the war-affected areas in Donbass since 2014 and increased its efforts throughout the ongoing Russia-Ukraine military conflict. They carry out charity programs in orphanages, and rehabilitation centers for people with disabilities, organize hot meals at sports and social events and help elderly and disabled people in their homes. They spread the culture of being merciful and unite everyone who wants to bring kindness and love to people.

As of today, the Food for Life in Lugansk mission has not only lost its leader, but also the building from which the mission was operating. Both devotees who passed away were also pujaris in the local temple. Krishna Tattva Prabhu was born in 1982. He joined ISKCON in 1998 and received his first initiation from Bhakti Tirtha Swami. Madan Gopal Prabhu was also born in 1982 and joined ISKCON in 2004, he was a disciple of Bhakti Vijnana Maharaja.


ISKCON leaders from around the world share their thoughts and prayers for these devotees

“These devotees every day they worked hard and fed thousands of people who were left without homes and food. Yesterday, after distributing prasadam, they returned to their hometown of Alchevsk and were killed. Krishna-Tattva das was the leader and president of ISKCON in Alchevsk….May Srila Prabhupada shower His causeless mercy on these devotees and allow them to continue their devotional service!” –Acyutatma das, GBC Russia

“I am terribly heartbroken and speechless to hear about the passing away of these two devotees…” Bhaktivaibhava Swami, GBC Member Europe

“I am grieving. Of the two devotees, I knew Krishna-tattva well. Before the conflict, I would yearly visit their city Alchevsk—the place of so many sincere, hearty devotees…My heart cries out for this sudden great loss. How long will the madness go on…” Devamrita Swami, GBC Member, Australasia

“May the selfless service of these two great souls be recognized by Lord Krishna. May He extend His unlimited mercy upon them, their families, and all who will be impacted by their sudden departure from this world.”-Malati devi dasi, GBC Member, North America

“Hare Krishna. This is indeed very sad, sad news. Heartbreaking news. My thoughts and prayers are with the devotees in Alchevsk.”- Govardhana dasa, GBC Africa

“It is so sad that devotees lost their lives while sharing Krishna’s mercy in the form of prasadam during this terrible military conflict.

The two devotees who passed away, Krishna-tattva das and Madana-Gopal das, and the third devotee, Arjuna das, who is now in the hospital, are exemplars of the selflessness and compassion that Srila Prabhupada inspires in the hearts of his followers. Without Prabhupada’s presence in their lives, they would not have been distributing thousands of prasada meals, nor be in that building on that day.

No doubt Lord Krishna, Lord Caitanya and Srila Prabhupada will fully bless them for the sacrifices they made.”-Anuttama dasa
GBC Global Communications Minister


We ask for prayers from the international community of devotees for the departed Krishna Tattva das and Madana Gopal das, as well as for the health of Arjuna das, a disciple of Prahladananda Swami.


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