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Untold Florida: SanctuaryAlachua Opens As Place of Empowerment for Women, Children
By Jessica Lowell   |  Feb 22, 2018

A new Krishna house opened in Alachua offering a safe haven for women and children in the community.

The nonprofit interfaith community services center, SanctuaryAlachua, located at 13700 NW U.S. 441 in Alachua, is offering events and classes to empower women and children.

The property that the building is located on had not been in use for a decade and instead of selling the property, the owner and director, Gaura Purnima, known as Mother Gaura, decided to convert the building into SanctuaryAlachua, according to Maha Mohini, networking director.

The center acts as a sanctuary in that it is a safe, sacred place that enforces an ahimsa (nonviolent) environment, according to Krsna Jivani the manager of SanctuaryAlachua.

SanctuaryAlachua is owned and managed by people from the Krishna community, however the house, services and classes are open to everyone in the Alachua community.

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